Friday, 11 July 2008

And another victory for fairness and common sense

Congratulations to David Davis, who romped home in the Haltemprice & Howden by-election, with a stunning 72% of the vote.

I am a simple soul, and do not claim to understand all of the issues involved, but I do know that I would not want the police to have the freedom to haul me off the street, lock me up for 42 days without charge, without a trial and without me knowing precisely what I was suspected of. I do know that in other countries, such as the US (2 days) and Australia (14 days), the limits are much, much lower. What a shame that Labour did not put up a candidate to debate the issues. Broon does not seem to like elections very much. He became Prime Minister without one; he bottled out of an election last autumn; he denied us the freedom to vote on the Lisbon Treaty; he refuses to acknowledge that the Irish vote on the Lisbon Treaty is sufficient to kill it stone dead.

Those who cannot imagine doing anything as a matter of principle do not understand Davis. They do not understand why he has thrown away his career in the Shadow Cabinet; why he has gone against the advice of his party leader. However, the freedoms we have in this country were won by men and women who were prepared to do what Davis has done, and put liberty and principle ahead of immediate self-interest.

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