Wednesday, 9 July 2008

And passed by on the other side (Luke 10:32)

Excellent story on the BBC Website about a Methodist minister Derek Rigby who posed as a tramp on the steps of his own church. Not one of his congregation even spoke to him, other than to warn him not to go near their cars.

I wonder how I would have reacted, had our minister done that. I hope that I would have been somewhat kinder and more welcoming. In fact, knowing our congregation, I am certain that he would not have been ignored. You never can tell, though, can you?

Bear in mind that these people were on their way into church. They were not running for a bus; late for an important meeting; laden with shopping, or in any one of thousand other situations which lead to all of us at some point (and I am the first to admit it) making excuses for ourselves.

It is thought-provoking, nonetheless.

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