Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Up the creek without a paddle

It was the inevitable ending to John and Anne Darwin's charade.6 years' imprisonment each: apparently Anne wants nothing more to do with her husband, and their sons want nothing more to do with either of them.

The greatest sympathy has to be towards the couple's sons, of course. They have been put through hell by their mother pretending their father was dead: even after he turned up at the police station, she maintained the pretence.

And the biggest question of all, of course, has to be why?. If they had the money to repay the insurance company and felt obliged to do so, why not offer to transfer the cash from the safety of Panama? The extradition treaty between Panama and the UK is more than a century old, and has never been used successfully. An extradition would have been virtually impossible; the insurance company would have been forced to accept the cash and the Darwins could have got away scot-free. If the father wanted to see the sons, then again, why not invite them both to the safety of Panama? Why take the risk of coming back to Blighty? And having come back, why go to a police station rather than contacting his sons directly?

The Darwin Awards celebrate people who remove themselves from the gene pool by stupid methods. This particular pair of Darwins have not done that, but they must be entitled to some kind of 'award' for stupidity.

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