Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Jimmy's makes an horrendous blunder

Didactodaddy suffered a stroke recently. This is his third stroke: luckily, it took place in the city centre of Leeds and he was rushed very quickly to Leeds General Infirmary, which probably saved his life.

However, since this stroke, his health has definitely deteriorated. His vascular dementia has become worse and on occasion he has disappeared and been rescued by police. Which brings us to this story.

He was recently admitted to St James's Hospital in Leeds, having been picked up by police (literally) after suffering a fall. He was given a CAT scan and was to be kept in for observation. Didactophobe was not able to get there due to work commitments, but Mrs Didactophobe went along to the hospital just in time to see him discharging himself. Yes, a man with dementia; in hospital with a head injury; who has not yet received the results of his CAT scan, was being allowed to discharge himself.

Mrs Didactophobe (who is a qualified nurse) pointed out to the member of staff discharging him that he had not even been asked to sign any forms. This led to a scene worthy of Carry on Nurse, in which staff hunted around for the correct forms, but could not find any.

Didactodaddy then set off from the hospital, with Mrs Didactophobe trailing behind him. He can be belligerent (he has dementia, after all) and Mrs Didactophobe was unable to stop him. He refused to get into her car and wandered off. Many areas around Jimmy's are not exactly the most salubrious parts of Leeds, and she became terrified for her safety. She eventually had to leave him when he wandered into a working men's club and borrowed money for drink. She had to return to her hotel for her own safety.

Didactodaddy did not return home the following morning. By that time Didactophobe was in Leeds, having driven through the night. He reported his father missing to the police and drove round Leeds searching for him. Didactophobe phoned Jimmy's to enquire as to why they had allowed a man with dementia to discharge himself. To say the answers were unsatisfactory would be an understatement.

Thankfully, Didactodaddy has now turned up. It looks as though he spent the night in the graveyard opposite St James's (an extremely scary place in broad daylight, let alone at night) and, fortuitously, has not appeared to come to any harm. I am not in favour of the compensation culture, but if anything had happened to him, the shit would have hit the fan big-time in that hospital.

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