Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sexy Sarah or Hatchet Hillary?

Back in January, I got a prediction spectacularly wrong. I reckoned that Hillary would become President, although I preferred Obama.

Sarah Palin has changed all that. If I were American, I would be backing the GOP in November. Sarah makes John McCain look even more like a feeble old man, but she exposes very clearly Obama as an empty windbag, long on rhetoric and short on achievement. Ironic, indeed, that Obama's own running mate infamously destroyed his own chances in a previous election by copying a speech from the windbag-to-beat-all-windbags, Neil Kinnock.

Sarah Palin is being criticised for having been mayor of a town of 9000 people, a mere 9000 more than Obama and Biden combined have ever held executive responsibility for. She has gone from there to being a state governor with astronomical approval ratings. No governor has foreign policy experience - their job is to run their state. What they need when they ascend to the highest offices is to manage information from the most knowledgeable and talented advisers, make the right decisions and get the job done. As a state governor, Palin has precisely that experience. Obama and Biden have none. Alaska may be a small state in population, but is a massive state in terms of land area and resources and at a time of a global energy crisis the US may well be grateful for a Vice President who has hands on experience of the issues involved.

Sarah Palin is now likely to become America's first female President. McCain will almost certainly not be running for a second term. Palin will not appeal to the gruesome, pro-abortionist, anti-Christian, bra burning, man hating loonies who lined up behind Hillary, but will come across as a normal woman who appeals to other normal women. This is what feminism should be about - not a wealthy, well-connected woman using her position to take over her husband's old job, but an ordinary woman with drive and talent who achieves as a result of her own efforts.

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