Wednesday, 20 August 2008

So much for freedom of speech

Random House has cowardly 'postponed' the release of a novel concerning Muhammad's relationship with his child bride Aisha. In a country whose Constitution guarantees freedom of expression, that is truly frightening.

The novel is not strictly accurate, of course. The author, Sherry Jones, has used poetic licence (as she is entitled to), and had Muhammad consummating the marriage when Aisha was 14. According to the Hadith of Bukhari (generally considered to be second only to the Qur'an as an Islamic scripture), Aisha was in fact six years old when Muhammad married her and nine years old when she was raped (I'm afraid there is no other word for it) by him.

Western civilisation is under attack like never before. Not from Muslims or any external enemy, but from the enemy within: the liberal lefties who hate Christianity and everything else that has made our civilisation great. Having the right to offend each other is one of the basic human rights that distinguishes our traditions from those of totalitarian tyrannies and, once compromised, we have taken a fatal step towards tyranny.

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