Friday, 1 August 2008

We need proper punishments - urgently

This is the story that caught my eye this morning. Three vile thugs who tortured and murdered a teenager with learning difficulties in a completely unprovoked attack getting off with 'slap on the wrist' punishments. The piece of filth which slit Laura Milne's throat, Stuart Jack, received the toughest punishment and will serve 18 years in prison. I am not sure even that is an adequate punishment for such a vile offence. His two co-accused, Debbie Buchan and Leigh MacKinnon, have been sentenced to a mere nine years each. With time off for 'good behaviour', that scum could be out in just six years. Six years for torture and murder! Buchan is quoted in today's Scottish Daily Mail, p.25, as having recorded a video in which she boasted of having really enjoyed stomping her head to ****. Why should that creature ever be allowed to walk the streets again? The legal system has failed yet another victim.

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