Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Yes, I voted for myself

Time is running out to submit votes for the Top Ten Political Blogs of 2008-09.

Blogs have to be part of the Blog Directory at Total Politics.

You need to send your votes to and the closing date is this Friday. To help you out, my top ten are:

1. Didactophobia
2. Frank Chalk
3. Man in a Shed
4. Conservative Home
5. Iain Dale's Diary
6. Archbishop Cranmer
7. Guido Fawkes
8. Dizzy Thinks
9. Nadine Dorries
10. Scottish Tory Boy

There we are. At least two who are Scottish (although the Total Politics index thinks I am English); two teachers, one woman, one gay: don't say I am not inclusive. No socialists, though. That would be a step too far.

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