Monday, 15 September 2008

The Church of England makes itself look ridiculous again

One of my favourite blogs, Archbishop Cranmer, leads today on this peculiar apology addressed to a dead man by a Church of England clergyman.

Why Charles Darwin needs an apology about the reaction of the Church of England in the 1860s is anyone's guess. It is the sort of article which makes the CofE sound ludicrous and irrelevant.

Here is my take on the creation/evolution issue, as posted on Cranmer's blog:

Darwin himself was a theist and was troubled by the implications which his work held for traditional beliefs. The modern Church of England goes much farther than Darwin ever did, in ditching faith in God and embracing faith in science.

To my mind, theistic evolution provides the best explanation for our existence on this planet. God created this universe, knowing that in about 9 billion years Planet Earth would form and about 6 billion years after that human life would have evolved and Didactophobe would be born. To my mind, that illustrates the power of God far more powerfully than the idea of God magically creating everything in six days of 24 hours.

However it all happened, however, the critical fact is that nothing could exist without God. I would certainly not mock someone who took Genesis literally: I do despair over a so-called Christian church and so-called Christian clergy who are determined to undermine and ridicule everything which is dear to the Christian faith.


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