Monday, 15 September 2008

The speed camera called me a poof

You would not think that the above title would be a valid defence in a court of law. However, Perth & Kinross Council apparently believes it might be. There can be no other explanation for the report in today's Scottish Daily Mail (p.17) that it squandered our hard-earned taxes investigating whether a new 40mph speed limit would discriminate against gay people, as well as religious minorities and others.

I had never heard of Equality Impact Assessments (EQIAs) until today. Apprently, however, local authorities are commissioning hundreds of these things at huge expense to the taxpayer. Each EQIA investigates whether council policies discriminate against every minority you can think of (except perhaps white, male, heterosexual, Christian, Tory-voting taxpayers who are fair game) and lots that you simply couldn't make up.

In North Ayrshire, for example, an EQIA blamed truancy rates among gipsy children on inadequate sex education. The mind boggles!

There is too much focus on 'equality' nowadays. Sensible legislation to protect people has been overtaken by an army of idiot busybodies employed to waste everyone's time and money. Whether the conclusions are to do with lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders or fornicating gipsy children, they always seem to have something to do with sex. Perhaps the equality officials are not daft, after all. Maybe they are just monstrous perverts who know an easy way to indulge their voyeurism.

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jed said...

ha ha ha speed cameras are so gay evreyone knows they are just there to raise money to give to emmigrants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its polictal correctiness gone mad i like clarkson