Monday, 1 September 2008

Time to prosecute incitement to murder

Arguably the most important mosque in the country, Regent's Park in London, has been exposed by the Sunday Telegraph as harbouring preachers who are actively promoting murder to children.

Homosexuals should be murdered, according to these nutters, along with adulterers and Muslims who convert to other faiths. Other twisted preaching includes the instruction for Muslims to hate people of other faiths; regard Christian worship as vile; for Muslim women not to travel without a Muslim guardian, and to cover themselves up in public; Muslims should not take British citizenship and Jews are described as evil.

One absolute gem is from a preacher called Um Saleem, who claimed that Muslims should migrate to a Muslim country! So why are you still here, pet?

I am not too bothered about the statistic which some bloggers on CentreRight are getting into a tizzy about, that 71% of young Muslim men believe homosexuality should be illegal. Whether you agree with it or not, there is nothing in that statistic to suggest that the men concerned do not respect the legal system of this country or are not simply exercising their democratic right to express an opinion.

What is being preached at the Regent's Park mosque appears to go well beyond acceptable free speech. It is religious and racial hatred, incitement to hatred and incitement to murder. The fact that 'fundamentalist DVDs' were still on sale at its bookshop after its director general had planned to have them removed suggests that its leadership, bankrolled by the Saudis, has no intention of challenging this evil.

It is crucial for the safety of this country that these preachers of hate are prosecuted: if they do not have British citizenship, then repatriate them to their own countries before they can spread their cancer any further.

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