Tuesday, 7 October 2008

McCain is the problem

When Mrs Didactophobe sees John McCain on TV, she asks 'Is he really the best the Republicans have got?' And it is understandable. More and more, he looks like a feeble old man completely out of his depth in the Presidential race. Like Bob Dole, he didn't have the ability to get on the ticket when he was younger, but is bizarrely entrusted with it whilst in his dotage. At least in the case of Dole, he ran for President while Clinton was unbeatable so there was no harm done. McCain, however, has ruined the Republicans' chances against the eminently beatable Osama bin Biden.

Contrast that with Mike Huckabee, who now has his own show on Fox News. Relatively young at 52, an excellent communicator, with executive experience as Governor of Arkansas (sounds like a certain other President, actually), if he had hooked up with Sexy Sarah as the Republican ticket, the Lefties would now be quaking in their sandals.

Now New York Times columnist Frank Rich has proposed a tactical withdrawal for McCain. Flip the ticket and allow Sarah Palin to take on Osama. I suspect it is probably too late to matter, but maybe that is what they should have done immediately post-Convention. Seeing Sarah standing beside McCain immediately made him look desperately old and feeble.

OK, so Palin has made some mistakes. However, we should not make the mistake of presuming that elections are decided by people who know what they are doing. Democracy dictates that any election rests on the votes of millions of really stupid and frighteningly uninformed people. No candidates have ever been more experienced or better informed than George Bush snr in 1992 or Al Gore in 2000. They lost.

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