Sunday, 2 November 2008

I'll be praying for McCain and Palin to win...

As I have posted before, I am underwhelmed by the Republican nominee to be President of the United States. To compare either ticket to Ronald Reagan/George Bush snr or Bill Clinton/Al Gore demonstrates the paucity of talented people putting themselves forward for high office these days.

However, on one side we have a ticket which is committed to tax cuts and to keeping the free world safe. On the other side, we have a ticket which is committed to tax rises, because that is what socialists do. This will wreck any chance of the US economy recovering, which will have a major knock-on effect for the UK. Fact.

The next point is even more dangerous. Obama is naive, as you would expect of a jumped-up social worker. He proposes to negotiate directly with the hideously evil regime of Iran, without preconditions. That is a recipe for disaster.

Obama claims not to be a Muslim, yet many Muslims will consider him to be an apostate: as such, in an Islamic country he could be sentenced to death. He was enrolled as a Muslim at school in Indonesia and, as such, will be regarded by millions of Muslims worldwide as a Muslim. That will have serious implications for the Middle East (I shall not bother attaching the words 'peace process', for there is none), in which more than three quarters of people in Israel casting absentee ballots have backed McCain. The overwhelming factor is that McCain is perceived as being better placed to handle the Iranian problem.

Sarah Palin is a Christian woman, who is likely to become the first female President of the world's largest Christian country. I pray for her success, because in these trying times Americans and the world need God's blessing and to keep faith in our Saviour.


Anonymous said...

What have you been smokin?

Didactophobe said...

I don't smoke anything, old bean. If you had provided your name or a reasoned comment, it would have been easier to take you seriously.