Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Stalinist plan to force good health - or else

I am a child abuser. Yes, I have to admit it. Last weekend on a school outing (I am being very cagey here, you understand, no details), I shared out crisps and Kitkats to the children.

That is highly illegal, according to the Scottish Parliament's healthy eating diktat. Yes, the loony-left MSPs who repealed Clause 2a, making it legal for schools to promote buggery, have made it illegal to give a child a Kitkat.

On a serious note, many schools stand to lose thousands of pounds by having to get rid of tuck shops and vending machines. Money they badly need in order to fund extra curricular activities to promote, er, good health. What it means, is that kids will bring junk food in from outside school. And will miss out on health-promoting opportunities. Well done the Stalinists!

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