Saturday, 19 January 2008

What a flaming cheek!

Having screwed up his job in this country, Broon has been floating around the third world this week trying to drum up more work for sweatshops to produce consumer goods for fat idle westerners that the poverty-stricken Chinese and Indian workers who make them couldn't aspire to buy in a million years. Oh yes, and he wants to flog off bits of our country to any third world slave driver who has become tired of exploiting his poorer compatriots and now wants a safe place to invest his loot.

None of which is the point of this post. The above paragraph is just politics in the global economy. The sewer stinks, shooting one rat isn't going to solve the problem. My objection is this.

STATE VISIT indeed! Broon is the Prime Minister - arguably the worst ever, but even the best one never made a state visit anywhere. A state visit is made by a head of state, ie Her Majesty. Thank God, we are not yet a republic. Broon is not President, nor would he ever be. OK, it may just be that it has come from an American news source which didn't know any better, but it makes my blood boil. Unlike the current weather. Right. I'm off to bed.

What a week!

The garden fence needs fixed; the garden needs a drainage system; my cold hasn't cleared; I haven't stopped working - reports here, parents' evening there, Duke of Edinburgh's Award, parents who expect you to be on call 24 hours a day.

A lesser man than me would say 'bugger this', throw a long-term sickie, tuck himself into bed and wait for summer. But I can't do that.

Mrs Didactophobe got a call this afternoon to do an extra nightshift tonight, so I guess that will pay for one of our debts. What a life!

Monday, 14 January 2008

Still suffering with this cold

But I now know where my dad is; have a cousin and an aunt who are delighted to get to know me; and my cousin has three daughters, one of whom has messaged me and wants to call me Uncle Didactophobe. Some things are looking up.

I have told some of my classes at school. I thought hard about it, because many things in one's private life are not appropriate for speaking to them about. However, with the number of broken homes nowadays, I know that there will be one child, somewhere, thinking "That sounds like my situation. It took Mr Didactophobe 38 years to fill in the whole picture". I hope it will help them.