Saturday, 2 February 2008

Who is John Pritchard?

He is the Bishop of Oxford who, stupidly and disloyally to the Christ he is supposed to serve, supports the demand for Muslims in Oxford to broadcast their adhan by loudspeaker.

He also, stupidly, denounced the Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali, over his warning of 'no-go areas' which are unsafe for non-Muslims.

I wonder how he will react to the death threats received by Nazir-Ali. This country is far too tolerant towards violent, hateful people. They are not hateful and violent because they are Muslim, but they use Islam as a means of channelling their hate and violence. As long as thoroughly evil people like al-Qaradawi are allowed into our country, this will not be a safe country to live in. Of course, the vile Grauniad predictably supports precisely that.

Thursday, 31 January 2008

Tempestuous times

I have never experienced anything like this recent weather. I use my conservatory as my study/computer room and I honestly don't know how it is in one piece with these gales bashing it. Unlike other parts of our property. A couple of weeks ago, the side fence was leaning over the path, with one of the posts having come out of its concrete base. Because of the weather, the guy was not able to come and repair it until this week.

So the fence guy used the two relatively dry days of the week to repair the fence and put in drainage to stop the garden flooding. Not that the drainage has been able to cope with the Biblical deluge which has fallen on it this week.

The garage roof is letting in water, which is charmingly soaking through the asbestos in it and on to Mrs Didactophobe's 1988 Opel Manta, her pride and joy. The porch roof, repaired at great expense last year, has been letting in water again and the flat roof man (that is, the man who repairs them, rather than the man whom a roof fell on) tells us that the problem is actually that the cement around the window sill above it has been wearing away, letting the water in via the brickwork.

Two planks have been ripped from our side gate; our twirly thing that Mrs Didactophobe used to dry the washing on when we used to have dry weather (in the old days, we just had clothes lines) has uprooted and blown right across the garden.

A wheely bin has been blown by the wind with such force into the inside fence behind it that it has knocked a big hole in the fence.

At least the shed has stood up well - it is still wind and water tight. I am beginning to think that I know what inspired another blogger. Perhaps the Didactophobes should relocate to the shed.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Dirty old Ryanair

The Sun is getting hot under the collar about a Ryanair advert showing a model dressed as a 'sexually provocative' schoolgirl. So shocking is the image that the Sun found it necessary to publish the picture itself.

As Ryanair says, it is much less shocking and provocative than so much of the filth which the mainstream media is happy to promote these days including, er, Page 3 of certain newspapers.

The ASA ruling stuffily claimed that the ad "appeared to link teenage girls with sexually provocative behaviour". You don't say! If you want to be shocked, take a look at what some real teenage girls these days wear to school.

Jeremy Beadle is dead

One half expects him to turn up somewhere and announce that it was all just a practical joke. Unfortunately not.

When I was young, I used to love his appearances on Game for a laugh or Beadle's About. Not only me - Beadle's About used to pack in 15 million viewers at its peak. He was one of those celebrities that it was often not 'cool' to like very much, but I was a huge fan. What is on ITV on a Saturday night now? Haven't a clue, but I am sure that I wouldn't like it and it is not a patch on what you could have seen 20 or so years ago.

There are not many crimes for which I support capital punishment...

But this is one of them.

The sort of scum who would kill one of these beautiful cats so that some moron can buy their fur or some savage can produce some mumbo jumbo 'medicine' deserves to die - horribly. Anyone who hurts a cat should have whatever they did to the cat done to them - down to the last detail. If you want an executioner to carry it out, Didactophobe will happily volunteer.

Gordon's EU Nightmare

Brilliant speech by William Hague warning of very real dangers. President Blair? God protect us!

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Update on the stupid party

As Tim Montgomerie says on Conservative Home, it is crucial for the good of the Conservative Party that Derek Conway resigns or, failing that, is deselected. If this happens sooner rather than later, it will still be possible for the Conservatives to be seen as keen to rid themselves of sleaze. If it drags through to the next General Election, it could utterly destroy the Party's chances. At least David Cameron made the right decision today, to withdraw the whip from Conway. It does not go far enough yet, but it is the right start.

Monday, 28 January 2008

The stupid party strikes again

Yes, the Tories are still capable of being the stupid party. Just as the spotlight had been placed well and truly on Labour's sleaze and corruption, along comes Derek Conway, handing over great dollops of taxpayers' cash to his son for 'research'; no records of what work the boy actually did having been kept.

David Cameron has to act swiftly to withdraw the Party whip from this numpty (ironically Conway himself is a former Whip). The constituency association then have to deselect Conway and bring his political career to an end. This is a disgraceful misuse of public money which in any normal job would be grounds for dismissal as gross misconduct, as well as being handed over to the police.

There has been a long tradition of MPs employing wives as secretaries: if she is qualified to do the job, why not? Similarly, I don't think employing his son is a great problem, even if he was paid above the normal rate. However, there has to be accountability: there has to be a tangible and transparent outcome of the work that is being paid for.

Please please please, Mr Cameron, do not allow Labour to pretend that all parties are as corrupt as they themselves are. We need decisive action - fast.

Wendy Alexander off the hook?

I just checked the Electoral Commission's website, and apparently it is 'an independent body' whose 'aim is integrity and public confidence in the democratic process'.

Well, that's a relief. How come, then, that a Cabinet Minister, Des Browne, is in a position to say that he did not expect any more of his colleagues to be reported to the police over the issue? This calls into real question the independence and integrity of the Electoral Commission. It is appointed by the Government, and is therefore always going to be vulnerable if senior politicians are allowed to make public statements which undermine its independence.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Immigrants causing increase in crime rate

Chief Constable Mike Fuller can get away with saying this, because he is black. If a white officer said anything of the sort, his feet wouldn't touch as he was thrown onto the scrapheap.

What does Keith Vaz MP have to say? "Mike Fuller raises very important issues concerned with the changing needs of local areas as a result of migration."

- Wrong, matey! There are no 'changing needs of local areas'. People need to feel safe in their homes and in the streets; they need to have crime deterred where possible; prevented when it is not deterred and prosecuted when it is not prevented. These needs have never changed and never will. The changing make up of many local areas places intolerable strain on all public services, due to this Government having wilfully failed to control immigration. Why should a single penny piece be spent on 'translation services' for criminals who have not bothered to learn English? Where immigrants can enrich our society, they must be welcomed. Where they cannot, they must be shown the door. For all our sakes.

Who is running the Asylum - Part 2

Hoots ma boab. Jings, crivvens, help ma braw bricht moonlicht muckle nicht. The SNP has nothing better to do than plan to waste millions of pounds on 'the Scots language'.

Scots is a dialect of English, just like those of Yorkshire or Cumbria. With modern communication, they have all been completely overwhelmed by the power of the media. Apart from the less educated in Scottish society, it is not spoken. Of course, one or two dialect words can enrich dreich English in a way which would not necessarily be understood furth of Caledonia. Just as, quid pro quo, we may use an ad hoc Latin phrase. It does not mean that millions should be spent resurrecting Latin as a spoken language (although teaching Latin in schools is another matter entirely).

Robert Burns wrote in the Ayrshire dialect of his time. When he was hob-nobbing with potential patrons in Edinburgh, he moderated his speech and manners accordingly. I yield to no one in my admiration of Burns, but the Scots of the 18th Century is of little practical use in the global village of the 21st Century, any more than the English of Shakespeare.

My great great grandfather spoke Gaelic. At least, according to the Census returns when he lived in Golspie. After he moved to Ayrshire, where he lived for the rest of his life, it was not mentioned again. He spoke English. Not as a native speaker; maybe he never spoke it perfectly. But he recognised that the world had moved on. Now Gaelic is a distinct language - the oldest indigenous extant language of the British isles. Up to a point, it therefore deserves some funding. It is part of our history. Yet even Gaelic has had its day. We respect it as part of our history, but it is not a living language in any meaningful sense.

Is math sin! Tapadh leibh!

Who governs Britain, or, Who is running the Asylum? - Part 1

That, indeed, was the question which Ted Heath's ill-fated election campaign of 1974 asked the country. The answer, of course, was a resounding 'Not you!'

The question today is more a case of 'who is running the asylum?'. The latest piece of treachery by Broon is the removal of the Britannia image from the 50p piece. Britannia first appeared on British coins in the reign of Hadrian almost 2000 years ago and is probably the oldest symbol of Britishness that we have.

It used to be said that the 1983 Labour manifesto was the 'longest suicide note in history'. It can now be seen that the millions of 'X' marks on ballot papers in 1997 which elected New Labour were among the shortest suicide notes in history. Those who voted for this shower in 1997, not to mention 2001 and 2005 voted for scum who wanted to destroy this country. And haven't they just...

Big things like handing over sovereignty to Brussels down to small things like a mean-spirited Chancellor just before he took over as Prime Minister without bothering about a General Election taking the time to remove Britishness from coins.

Today's Mail on Sunday asks satirically what the new image should be to symbolise modern Britain: a pit bull? a binge drinker? a cannabis leaf? a gun? a casino? a speed camera? To that list you could add: an illegal political donation; a suicide bomber; an illegal immigrant; an ASBO; a single mother and a line of cocaine. It is amusing until it sinks in just how true it is. This country is going down the toilet - fast.

If I were American, I would vote for Obama

Congratulations to Barack Obama, who won by a mile in yesterday's South Carolina primary. I still think that Hillary Clinton will win the Presidency, but Obama would definitely be my choice.

Obama's victory speech had shades of Martin Luther King - it was inspirational, presidential, upbeat yet dignified; reaching out to all communities. His theme of offering change will strike a chord with a wide range of Americans and indeed reminds me of Bill Clinton's successful campaign back in 1992. Clinton's experience as Governor of the backwater that is Arkansas was questioned, just as Obama's is today. Yet Clinton then, like Obama now, offered an energy and a charisma that all the other candidates in this year's race lack. You can't have everything: the longer a candidate spends in Washington, the less credibly can they offer something new.

You can't ignore the race issue. In a land of opportunity, it would show that a black man from a fairly ordinary background can aspire to be President. That is the right message to send. Electing Hillary would show that a woman can... cling on to her husband's coat tails, letting him have the first shot at being President before using his influence to help propel her into his old job. It doesn't, or at least shouldn't, do a damn thing to imply that any other woman would stand a chance.