Monday, 26 May 2008

When you thought things couldn't get any worse...

Think about it. You are a footballer who has loyally remained with the club you love all your career. With one penalty kick, you can clinch the European Champions League for the first time in the club's history.

You miss. All you have to look forward to is picking up £150,000 a week for the next ten years, plus endorsements and bonuses, plus a hefty payment to appear in a witty pizza commercial any time you fancy it. Going home to a beautiful wife and kids can only provide so much solace.

And just when you are at your lowest ebb, along comes a message of support from the country's worst-ever Prime Minister. Broon has apparently told Terry that he is 'an inspiration' and 'a natural leader'. Just like... who, exactly? Who else does Broon know that fits those descriptions? No one in his Cabinet, for sure. At least Broon doesn't describe him as 'a winner'. That would be taking it too far.

No more Commie fuel

Boris Johnson has called a halt to the deal by which one of the poorest countries in the western world subsidises the fuel of one of the richest. The sordid deal was with of the most evil political leaders in the world, the socialist, terrorist-supporting thug, Hugo Chavez. From Crewe to Caracas, the socialists are on the retreat.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

The end of Gordon Brown

Every political career ends in tears, as someone once said. No politician, surely, has ever crashed and burned the way that the one-eyed nosepicker seems to be in the process of doing right now.

Less than a year after becoming Labour leader unopposed, Broon appears to be heading out. The Crewe & Nantwich by-election was really sensational, with a swing of more than 17%: a response to a nasty campaign, and in particular, a patronising campaign. The portrayal of Mr Timpson as a 'toff' and the ridiculous statement that Tamsin Dunwoody is 'one of us' seemed to be targeted at an Islington stereotype of what would appeal to an eeh-bah-goom cloth cap wearing Northerner from the 1950s or earlier. It was truly bizarre for a campaign of the 21st Century.

It is ironic to reflect that if Broon had called an election last October, he would have won by a huge majority. As it is, he is leading Labour towards its worst-ever defeat. Just as the time could never have been better than last October for Labour to win, it will never be worse than it is right now. If Labour have any sense (which, thankfully, they haven't), no one will dream of forcing Broon out and precipitating a General Election at the moment.

Unlucky Queens

Well, I am back in circulation now. After the prize turkey that was last week's FA Cup Final, the Scottish version yesterday was refreshing. No one would claim that we were watching the best footballers on the planet, but we weren't last week, either. What we did see was the underdogs have a real go and give their opponents a real fright. I feared for Queen of the South when they went 2-0 behind in the first half. At that point, it would have been so easy for them to capitulate and have finished with a real hiding. However, they got their breath back at half time and came out for the second half with all guns blazing. When they levelled at 2-2, Rangers were under major pressure. Full credit to the Rangers players, however, for dredging up the energy for one last flurry and Kris Boyd's winning goal was deserved, for the player as well as his team.