Saturday, 9 August 2008

Fred Phelps, YOU are the one in danger of hell

Approaching his 80th birthday, Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas continues his vile, utterly unchristian rants. His church (which is not recognised by any mainstream denomination) suffered a fire last week, which he blames on American judges, whom he claims are going to hell (along with virtually everyone who is not a member of WBC).

This Blog has highlighted occasions where extreme Muslims have used children to promote their propaganda. It condemns with equal strength so-called Christians who cause children to sin by inciting hatred.

Phelps risibly claims that 'there is no free speech in America'. The fact that Phelps is not behind bars demonstrates conclusively that there is. He and his congregation (the great majority of whom are his own extended family) push any tolerance of free speech to the utmost limit.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Remember Tory sleaze?

Or what Liebour and their supporters in the media used to portray as 'sleaze'. Usually consisted of a white, Tory, male heterosexual politician shagging his secretary. Committing the cardinal sins (in socialist eyes) of being white, male, Tory and heterosexual. The rest was just soft porn for the gutter media.

Never, never, never was there systematic corruption in Government: certainly nothing on the scale we have seen from Liebour. Certainly not millions of pounds of taxpayers' money being stolen to pay for party political broadcasts masquerading as documentaries. This is utterly vile, if it proves to be true. And if it does, the government ministers who approved it should refund every last penny to the taxpayer out of their own pockets.