Saturday, 6 September 2008


I don't usually like this sort of video, but I chuckled at this one. Still don't know what VPILF stands for, though.

If they are truly religious, why are they in jail?

That is my reaction to this story in The Sun.

£25,000 of taxpayers' money being squandered on keeping Muslim criminals' dinner warm during Ramadan: inmates include convicted terrorists and the vile Abu Hamza.

I am a simple soul, but to my mind there are two possibilities:

1. Islam is a religion of peace, therefore these criminals are not true Muslims and there is no need to protect their rights to worship.

2. Islam is not a religion of peace, these criminals are true Muslims and there is a need to actively restrict Muslims' right to worship.

For the life of me, I really cannot see an alternative to the above. Either way, this is a monstrous kick in the teeth to elderly people who could use some of the money to heat their homes and to the victims and their families of these criminals.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Sarah Palin's VP Nomination Speech

A loving mother and wife; a beautiful and loyal family; a husband who has not been unfaithful to her; appealing to normal, decent people who love their country - no wonder the Democrats hate and fear Sarah Palin.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Not in my name, folks

As a Christian, I absolutely dissociate myself from the spineless apology by so-called Christians to Muslims in Oxford.

Dr Taj Hargey sounds like a complete balloon, complaining about 'self-appointed' Christians praying for Muslims. They are not self-appointed: praying for one's enemies and witnessing to the Gospel are duties imposed on every Christian by Christ himself.

Hargey whinges about Christians daring to issue a 'call to prayer'; about calling Islam an 'ideology' and about witnessing to the work of God in bringing people to faith in Jesus. According to John 14:6, Jesus made clear that salvation is available only through him. Witnessing to this truth is what Christians do.

As I posted in December last year, there is no middle way between Christian and Muslim belief. As I wrote then, The Muslim belief in the divine revelation to Muhammad, like the Christian belief in Jesus as the son of God, leaves no middle way. It is either true or it isn't. Either the man in question was whom he claimed to be, or not. If he was not, then he was a fraud and you are logically obliged to recognise this.

It is often stated that Jesus is a Muslim prophet. In my humble opinion, this is not true. The story of the Muslim prophet Isa shares certain similarities with that of Jesus, but differs in the most crucial aspects: Muslims deny the crucifixion, resurrection and divinity of Christ. Their Isa is a fictitious false prophet, and not the Jesus of the Gospels.

Individuals should love and not hate or fear each other, of course. But there can be no reconciliation of the theology. You can deny Jesus, or Muhammad, or both. To regard each of them as equally valid is to fail to understand either.

The politics of the sewer

Having propounded lies about Sarah Palin's fifth child really being that of her daughter, lefties are rejoicing at the announcement that Palin's eldest daughter is actually pregnant. How absolutely despicable that these people are prepared to humiliate a young girl, having failed to trap her mother with their lies.

As Didactophobe has posted before, normal women are likely to warm to Sarah Palin: stories which attack her as a mother will win her far more votes of sympathy than the votes they will cost her. It is incredible how much she has achieved whilst simultaneously being a mother of five, including a disabled infant. Man-hating, bra-burning, feminist lesbians will always vote Democrat: normal American women will vote GOP.

Calling all those lefties who hate anyone who dares to be white, Protestant, conservative and Christian...

THIS is what real discrimination and a real hate crime look like.

Three teenage girls murdered by being buried alive for daring to wish to choose whom they should marry, along with two of their relatives who dared to try and save them. All done with the consent of Pakistani politicians and currently no one is facing prosecution.

I have little time for the BNP, but compare the hysteria with which the lefties react to the BNP with their silence over this event. As far as I know, the BNP does not support anything more extreme than certain preachers at the Regent's Park Mosque have said themselves, ie that Muslims should live in a Muslim country. I have certainly never heard Nick Griffin call for anyone to be buried alive.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Time to prosecute incitement to murder

Arguably the most important mosque in the country, Regent's Park in London, has been exposed by the Sunday Telegraph as harbouring preachers who are actively promoting murder to children.

Homosexuals should be murdered, according to these nutters, along with adulterers and Muslims who convert to other faiths. Other twisted preaching includes the instruction for Muslims to hate people of other faiths; regard Christian worship as vile; for Muslim women not to travel without a Muslim guardian, and to cover themselves up in public; Muslims should not take British citizenship and Jews are described as evil.

One absolute gem is from a preacher called Um Saleem, who claimed that Muslims should migrate to a Muslim country! So why are you still here, pet?

I am not too bothered about the statistic which some bloggers on CentreRight are getting into a tizzy about, that 71% of young Muslim men believe homosexuality should be illegal. Whether you agree with it or not, there is nothing in that statistic to suggest that the men concerned do not respect the legal system of this country or are not simply exercising their democratic right to express an opinion.

What is being preached at the Regent's Park mosque appears to go well beyond acceptable free speech. It is religious and racial hatred, incitement to hatred and incitement to murder. The fact that 'fundamentalist DVDs' were still on sale at its bookshop after its director general had planned to have them removed suggests that its leadership, bankrolled by the Saudis, has no intention of challenging this evil.

It is crucial for the safety of this country that these preachers of hate are prosecuted: if they do not have British citizenship, then repatriate them to their own countries before they can spread their cancer any further.

Sunday, 31 August 2008

OK, it didn't last

Killie drop down to second following the Old Filth derby. We're still in one of the Champions League slots and roughly ten places higher than the Moaning Minnies would have had us.

Sexy Sarah or Hatchet Hillary?

Back in January, I got a prediction spectacularly wrong. I reckoned that Hillary would become President, although I preferred Obama.

Sarah Palin has changed all that. If I were American, I would be backing the GOP in November. Sarah makes John McCain look even more like a feeble old man, but she exposes very clearly Obama as an empty windbag, long on rhetoric and short on achievement. Ironic, indeed, that Obama's own running mate infamously destroyed his own chances in a previous election by copying a speech from the windbag-to-beat-all-windbags, Neil Kinnock.

Sarah Palin is being criticised for having been mayor of a town of 9000 people, a mere 9000 more than Obama and Biden combined have ever held executive responsibility for. She has gone from there to being a state governor with astronomical approval ratings. No governor has foreign policy experience - their job is to run their state. What they need when they ascend to the highest offices is to manage information from the most knowledgeable and talented advisers, make the right decisions and get the job done. As a state governor, Palin has precisely that experience. Obama and Biden have none. Alaska may be a small state in population, but is a massive state in terms of land area and resources and at a time of a global energy crisis the US may well be grateful for a Vice President who has hands on experience of the issues involved.

Sarah Palin is now likely to become America's first female President. McCain will almost certainly not be running for a second term. Palin will not appeal to the gruesome, pro-abortionist, anti-Christian, bra burning, man hating loonies who lined up behind Hillary, but will come across as a normal woman who appeals to other normal women. This is what feminism should be about - not a wealthy, well-connected woman using her position to take over her husband's old job, but an ordinary woman with drive and talent who achieves as a result of her own efforts.

Tell all the Old Firm you know, we're top of the league and you're no'!

I don't often post about football on this Blog, partly because I largely lost interest in it a few years ago. Up until 2004, I always had a season ticket for Rugby Park, but in that final season I found that I really wasn't enjoying it. The golden era of Bobby Williamson's team which won the Scottish Cup and was then supplemented by guys like Ian Durrant, Ally McCoist, Andy McLaren, Christophe Cocard and Freddie Dindeleux had come to an end. In its place was niggardly (although largely essential) cost-cutting and Jim Jefferies' miserable features bemoaning everything that was wrong.

For the first time in years, Killie has an exciting team. Not the first time we have had a decent team: JJ is not a bad manager, after all. But the first time that we have a team that really gets people talking. During the summer, some Moaning Minnies (including me)questioned whether the club should be spending good money on the pre-season tour of Italy. We came back with Manuel Pascali, signed from Parma for what seems like the bargain fee of the decade. He is from the very best tradition of Italian hard men, who make Vinny Jones or Roy Keane look like pussies, whilst having the most immaculate technical ability when they are on the ball. With Pascali patrolling the midfield, we have stopped conceding goals (five clean sheets in a row) and Mehdi Taouil is finding the space and freedom to strut his stuff.

Simon Ford, who was as useful as a chocolate teapot last season, has rediscovered his confidence and form ever since he won his first caps for Jamaica in the summer. It seems that that was all he needed to give himself a shake. The list goes on and on because, for the first time in years, it is all a brilliant team effort.

Forza Killie!