Saturday, 27 December 2008

Israel 208 Hamas 1

Convincing victory today for the defenders of the Holy Land, dispatching more than 200 terrorists to hell.

Predictable bias from the Marxist media though, in referring to 'co-ordinated Israeli attacks on Hamas police compounds'. At least they haven't been accused of destroying a Red Cross depot or destroying a hospital for blind, one-legged orphans.

Would the Marxists prefer unco-ordinated, random attacks against civilians? Let's leave that to the Palestinians, shall we? That's more their strategy. 'Hamas police compounds' sounds very respectable. If it were "al-Qa'eda police compounds" or "IRA police compounds" or "UVF police compounds" or "ETA police compounds", even the lefties would find it harder to spin. Hamas is as much a bunch of murderous, drug-dealing, terrorist thugs as any of the above. If their police are involved in terrorism, then Israel is right to sort them out.

The reason that civilians/children going home from school/refugee camps etc are sometimes in the firing line is that Hamas do not have the balls to fight like men. They are scum who are happy to hide behind women and children and put their women and children into danger.

I love this line: "On Friday, about a dozen rockets and mortar bombs were fired from Gaza". Who fired the rockets and mortar bombs? Oh yes, the scum that Israel is now punishing. The Met might be happy to murder Brazilian electricians in London and then lie through their teeth, but even they would struggle to suppress the truth if they were behind rocket and mortar bomb attacks.