Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I'm back (again). A poster on the TES messageboard annoyed me...

Below is pretty much what I wrote. A poster had suggested that Tzipi Livni was afraid of prosecution for war crimes; that the Swiss were wrong to ban minarets and that there was a rise of the far right in Britain...

What war crimes would those be? Have you been to Israel, including territories under the control of the Palestinian Authority? I have. It is a very safe, peaceful and pleasant country, although that is not the image presented by the Western media. Gaza is a nightmare, because the people there have chosen to elect terrorists to govern them who are dedicated to the destruction of a legitimate country. The policies of Hamas are much the same as those of Nazi Germany, so dealing with them is not a matter for a gentle chat over coffee and biscuits. It is a brutal business.

Switzerland banning minarets is a matter for the Swiss. They haven't banned Muslims, or mosques, or anything that would approach an abuse of human rights. The Swiss have taken a decision that minarets are oppressive to the majority population, given that the minarets are taller than surrounding buildings and cause noise pollution through the adhan. They mark out a mosque as the most important building in the community and indeed all of the above is the point of building minarets. So, as far as it is any of my business, I think the Swiss are right.

What rise of the far right has there been in the UK? Roughly 1 in every 300 councillors represents the BNP. Two out of over 100 MEPs. Not much of a rise, if that is what you are referring to. The problem in this country is the influence of the far left, as demonstrated by 12 and a half years of Marxist government. Remember the anitsemitic posters Labour produced depicting Michael Howard as a pig? Ken Livingstone chumming up to the antisemitic Hugo Chavez. Terrorist-loving 'preachers' being allowed to enter the UK and stir up hatred at certain mosques. Antisemitic campaigns by Marxist trade unions such as Unite and Unison to boycot Israeli goods. Shall I go on...?

Let us remember that Hitler was leader of the National Socialist Workers' Party. Antisemitism and racial hatred are products of the far left, not anywhere on the right of the political spectrum.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Pakistan Christians die in unrest

This is the bland headline that the vile, anti-Christian, anti-semitic, anti-British Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation uses to describe the murder of a group of Pakistani Christians who were burned alive by a hate-filled mob of Muslim extremists.

Why do I object to the report?

1. The first word. Why Pakistan rather than Pakistani? Does the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation consider that these people are not 'real' Pakistani citizens for daring to be Christian?

2. The word 'die'. People 'die' in their sleep; people 'die' in accidents. This was no accident. These people were murdered in cold blood, and an honest report would say so.

3. The word 'unrest'. What exactly is that word supposed to mean? There is unrest in every British town centre when the pubs close. It hardly describes the sort of savage lynch-mob who carried out these murders.

4. The word 'militants'. Arthur Scargill was a militant. Whatever else you say about him, he did not burn people alive in their own homes. There is a difference between militancy and terrorism.

I pray for all who are persecuted for following Jesus, wherever they are in the world.

"All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved" (NIV Mark 13:13). Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world" (NIV, John 18:36). There are times when Christians must endure persecution, because Jesus himself suffered persecution. The rewards we must seek will be delivered in the next world, not this one.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Slash the BBC

According to the Sunday Times, the Conservatives are planning to freeze the licence fee and sell off Radio 1.

Good start, but does not go far enough. I would like to see the licence fee being slashed from £142.50 to £99, with a pledge to keep it frozen under £100 for the duration of the next Tory government. This would force the BBC to re-evaluate the services it provides; show the Tory commitment to cutting tax and give a small but helpful break to taxpayers.

Anything, like Radio 1, which has a huge audience share means unfair competition for commercial broadcasters. The licence fee should be used to subsidise important, useful but non-profitable programming, eg news services. Anything which has a commercial value should be offered by commercial broadcasters.

So, let's sell off Radio 1, Radio 2 and Radio 5. They could probably all survive on their own. Radio 3 should be closed: it has been eclipsed by Classic FM, after all, and has no further function. However, the frequencies it uses will bring in millions when they are sold off.

Radio 4 provides the sort of current affairs and light entertainment broadcasting that the licence fee is intended for. It is the only one of the national radio stations that I would keep under BBC control. The World Service is an icon of broadcasting and should be preserved, as should the stations for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The 39 English local stations should be sold or scrapped, as they simply provide unfair competition to local commercial stations. Also, scrap the digital stations.

In television, I would keep BBC 1, BBC2 and scrap the rest. When the licence fee was first introduced, there was no choice. Now we have hundreds of competing channels, and there is no need for all of these. Based on the BBC's own figures, the above changes should bring the licence fee down to just over £100. Further changes can be made by restricting the salaries of higher-paid employees, eg Jonathan Ross. If he is worth £6 million a year on the open market, then ITV or another commercial channel will pay him that. The online presence of the BBC should also be reduced. There are some useful online functions, eg education, but the news service, for example, should not be allowed to undermine local newspapers.

Who says Luke Akehurst isn't sharp?

I have never until today looked at Luke Akehurst's blog. He is a Labour activist from London who, sadly, is currently restricted to a wheelchair.

I must admit, I was intrigued by the link from Iain Dale's Diary to a post by Luke which wonders whether Labour would accept a candidate in a wheelchair.

He is apparently unaware that Anne Begg, a wheelchair-bound MP, has represented Aberdeen South since 1997. She was selected via an all-woman shortlist, but I shan't post any bitchy comment about the quality of people elected under such a system. My own local MP is another of the breed, and the phrase 'waste of space' would not begin to sum her up. I certainly wouldn't rate her alongside Anne Begg, who does seem to be quite a well-regarded constituency MP. I love the ironic (dare I say 'black'?) humour in her slogan 'Standing up for Aberdeen South'.

Friday, 31 July 2009


Nice short title for this post. I haven't posted about Didactofeline for nearly two full years. So what is happening in the pussy world?

Apart from a few little teeth at the front of her lower jaw, Didactofeline has now officially lost all of her teeth. A few months ago, she was miaowing for a few days, until eventually we found a tooth on the floor. As soon as she lost the tooth, she appeared completely recovered, so obviously the poor little thing had had toothache. I don't know why she has lost all of her teeth, as she had lost most of them before she hired us (dogs have owners; cats have staff).

It hasn't dampened her killer instinct, though. Although the Mouse Season does not officially begin until August, Didactofeline has made at least two kills this year. Thankfully she has not attempted to bring either of them indoors. The first was a rat - yes, a rat - which I found dead in the garden a couple of weeks ago. I would say it is easily the biggest thing she has killed. It really is remarkable that a cat with no teeth can be such an efficient killer, but she has a very clever technique involving her claws and either breaking the prey's neck or suffocating it.

This week, a looked out of the conservatory window and saw her playing with her latest kill: a very small baby bird. She was doing her usual, picking it up with her front paws and throwing it into the air. I don't know if she is trying to make it fly again, or if she just likes the adrenalin rush of jumping and catching it.

However, what has been making the news in the west of Scotland recently has been sightings of big cats. This picture was taken by a military policeman near Faslane and this is the story of a big pussy cat apparently attacking a horse in South Ayrshire. Interestingly in the case of the latter story, there was a story about two months ago about a big cat being spotted in the area.

Didactofeline says that the big cats had better keep off her territory.

My namesake

Not really news for anyone other than me, but a curious affair nonetheless. Someone who shares my real name (ie not Didactophobe) has been posting on Conservative Home and Iain Dale's Diary: I find it quite disconcerting to look at a thread, see my name and know that it is actually someone else writing.

I don't have a particularly common name like John Smith; nor is it one that frequently appears, like Sally Roberts or Tim Montgomerie. But it is there.

Should I 'out' myself by posting a message to my namesake? Nah, that would be silly.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Total Politics Best Blog competition

I have cast my vote for my ten favourite blogs in the 2009 Total Politics Blog Poll.

I have also emailed Total Politics, requesting that Didactophobia is reclassified as Scottish rather than English in their directory. It's not something that bothers me unduly, but there are occasions where I reflect on parochial matters, therefore best to be accurate.

Anti-semitism in Britain

The Community Security Trust (CST) has published an Interim Report, showing a large increase in the number of antisemitic attacks this year in Britain.

An unpalatable, but undeniable truth, is that the report shows that approximately 50% of the perpetrators are white and 40% are Arab or Asian. There can be few other crimes where the proportion of Arab/Asian offenders is so high relative to the proportion of white/black offenders, which points very strongly towards possible motivation for these attacks.

We have had twelve years of Liebour sucking up to Muslim voters (and in Scotland, we have the SNP giving hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money to Muslim groups), whilst simultaneously making it clear that it is open season on Christians and Jews. Witness Glasgow City Council's recent sponsoring of an event in which cretins are invited to write obscenities in a copy of the Bible.

There is a problem with categorising anything as hate-crime, in that it fails to uphold the principle that we are all equal before the law. Desecration of graves, vandalism and assaults need to be severely punished because of the damage and hurt they cause: we should not be creating 'thought crimes' based on the private motives we impute to some offenders but not others.

I am a teacher, and I have from time to time posted on the message board of the Times Educational Supplement. If you look at some of the opinions expressed by so-called teachers whenever issues like Gaza are discussed, they really are frightening. If it is representative of the teaching profession, there is considerable anti-semitism among those who are paid taxpayers' money to educate our children.

A future Conservative government needs to tackle seriously the problem of anti-semitism, no matter whom it offends. Everyone who is in this country legitimately deserves the full protection of the law and the statistics for crimes against Jews since 1998 show conclusively that people will not be treated equally under a socialist regime.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Peter Harvey, accused of attempted murder

The whole country has been shocked to read the story of the teacher who has been charged after striking a pupil. There is no way of knowing the rights and wrongs of the case right now, but I have posted the following on the TES message board.

An LEA has a legal duty of care towards its employees. I imagine every local authority nowadays has posters saying something like, "Aggression towards staff will not be tolerated... will be prosecuted" - teachers alone never receive that protection. We are expected to put up with hooligan behaviour that no other employee would be expected to deal with, and teachers alone are blamed as being 'bad' at their job when they are victims of aggression.

A teacher who has had a stroke has a disability which (I haven't checked, but...) I presume is covered by the Disability Discrimination Act, which adds extra legal responsibilities to the employer. Any caring employer will seek to protect staff; will try even harder if they know a member of staff has suffered stress and will try yet harder if someone has suffered a stress-related stroke. It is all hearsay at the moment, but reports indicate that the teacher in question suffered appallingly vile abuse about his disability. If it were racial abuse, sexual abuse, etc, I cannot imagine that there would be the same lack of sympathy for this man.

I do hope this is fully investigated, and that the support package the LEA and HT put in place to support Mr Harvey on his return to work is carefully examined. How many teachers have been interviewed by their line manager on their return to work after sickness? I suspect it is a minority, but I bet it is official policy by most local authorities. Some people would see it as oppressive, treating the worker as a skiver: I see it as the employer and HT showing that they give a damn whether the employee comes to work and that they have even the slightest concern for the employee's welfare.

Right now, we have no way of knowing what all the rights and wrongs of the current case are. However, I hope that it will raise awareness of the failings of the educational system (and of society which gives many schools and many teachers an impossible job to do), and that it brings closer the day that a HT and an LEA's Director of Education end up behind bars for failing in their duty of care towards a teacher.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Which British school has produced two Nobel Prize winners?

Kilmarnock Academy. Now a humble comprehensive in East Ayrshire; the former school of Alexander Fleming and John Boyd Orr. Needless to say, they were both educated at the school when it was selective. In Fleming's day, it was also fee-paying. My grandmother attended Kilmarnock Academy, when it was selective. That meant something. Not that her family was rich (they weren't), but that they believed in doing their best to achieve things. Nor does it mean that it turned out selfish snobs. Its most illustrious former pupils devoted their lives to improving the lot of their fellow man.

I know where I am going with this: it is probably obvious to you, dear reader. I shan't subject you to a rant about dumbing-down, effects of socialism, etc etc. I don't really need to, do I?

Johnnie Walker

Have you ever tasted Johnnie Walker whisky? I haven't and certainly won't now.

What do I have in common with the eponymous founder? John Walker died in Kilmarnock just months before one of my gggg grandfathers, William Cairns. They are buried in the same place, St Andrew's churchyard: John, as a successful grocer, in a more elaborate grave than my gggg grandfather's unmarked one. Still six feet under, and still just as dead, though.

I like to think that John Walker will be spinning in that grave, though. Forwhy? The despicable decision by the current owners, Diageo, to close the plant in Kilmarnock and throw nearly 900 people out of work. The Kilmarnock plant is just hundreds of yards from where Walker had his grocer's shop nearly 200 years ago, and Johnnie Walker has been by far the largest employer in the area for years. Kilmarnock was a massive success story of the industrial revolution: engineering, textiles, carpet manufacturing as well as whisky blending, employing many thousands of people and exporting across the world. Now that will shortly all have gone.

Now, Kilmarnock is finished. Huge unemployment, dependent on Government handouts. Predictably, Broon doesn't get it. Apparently, the Government is going to throw money at the problem, as per usual. Now, economics is not my strong point, but I can just about work out that:

Government spending has to be paid for, somewhere down the line, by private profit.
If you try to replace private sector jobs with public sector ones, you have to (a) forego the profit and tax that the private companies used to produce as well as (b) out of declining revenue, you have to find more money to pay for your subsidies. This means that you end up taxing more or you borrow more, which increases your debt, leading to, er, taxing more at some point in the future.

Socialism did not make Kilmarnock successful. It was not socialists who built the historic Kilmarnock to Troon railway line; BMK carpets; Johnnie Walker whisky; Glenfield Kennedy and dozens of other textile and engineering companies. Capitalism made Kilmarnock successful and it is ever since the town began electing socialist MPs (Labour since 1929) that the town has declined.

Not in my name, Dave. Stop apologising

Interesting report in the Daily Mail about David Cameron's latest 'apology'.

So far, Dave has apologised to the ANC because they used to be called 'terrorists'. Well, boo-bloody-hoo! How would Dave describe the sort of scum who would put hanging tyres around the necks of poor black people who dared to oppose them? All with the support of Saint Nelson's vile wife. 'Terrorist' is, if anything, too mild a word to describe such vermin.

He has apologised to Scotland for the Poll Tax.

Well, I am a Scotsman, and need no apology for that. Forcing bone idle people to get off their fat backsides and contribute to local services is not, in principle, a dreadful thing. It could have been made fairer, of course, by broader bands based on ability to pay. Take that to its conclusion and it is not a million miles from, er, the SNP's beloved local income tax. It's great listening to the Tartan Marxists using much the same arguments to support their flagship policy as the wicked Tories used 20 years ago in favour of the iniquitous Poll Tax. Of course, both are crap policies and the Council Tax is as good as we will get in the foreseeable future. But as a matter of principle, hmmm...

Now Dave apologises for Section 28. Well, as a teacher, let me set things straight:

1. I supported Section 28 (Section 2a according to the ludicrous Scottish Parliament)

2. Section 28 did not prevent teachers and schools treating homosexuality and homosexuals fairly

3. I have had homosexual students and colleagues, none of whom would feel that I was in any way 'homophobic'

4. Section 28 was introduced at a particular moment in history, to prevent Marxist extremists taking over loony left local authorities and then abusing their powers.
That was morally, ethically, legally and politically the right course of action

5. The notion that Section 28 was homophobic is a downright lie, peddled by loony left extremists for their own motives

6. Section 28 does not need apologised for

I think, actually, that politicians should be very, very cautious about apologising for any event which preceded their term of office. A couple of years ago, we had loonies falling over themselves to apologise for the slave trade. Do I feel guilty about the slave trade, or the fact that British people made fortunes on the back of other people's misery? Not in the least. Cerebrally challenged people, please note: I have not said that I support the slave trade. However, I have no control over events which happened centuries ago. Because, where do you stop? Do you condemn people living in Africa today, whose ancestors sold their fellow tribesmen into slavery? Undoubtedly they did, but it is not the fault of anyone alive today.

If you want to feel guilty about slavery, look at the labels of consumer good in your house. How many are made in China? Every time you buy something made in China, you are supporting a totalitarian state which puts its own citizens in concentration camps; censors their access to foreign media; brutally suppresses any opposition; condemns hundreds of millions to live in dire poverty to produce goods which they couldn't afford themselves so that fat, lazy westerners like me don't need to bother paying a fair price for the things we buy.

If you supported the ANC because you thought it was bad for black Africans to be oppressed, what are you doing for the Chinese who are treated even worse?

If you feel you need to feel guilty about slavery of 200 years ago, what the hell are you going to do about slavery in our own century, which you could do something about?

If you think that homosexuals are discriminated against here, what do you say to thousands of Chinese in concentration camps?

As Dave has discovered, it is easier to 'apologise' for something that never had anything to do with you than to address real issues and our real responsibilities. Feeble leadership, Dave. Zero per cent on this one.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

I am a retarded homophobe

At least, the British Association for Adoption and Fostering thinks I am, and is paid taxpayers' money to say so.

I am in an unusual position when talking about adoption. I have been there. When my mother remarried, she and her second husband adopted me. Legally, I have nothing to do with my natural father, and I did not meet him until I was 38 years old. As an adopted child, your rights have not advanced much from the days of the Victorian workhouse - you don't have any. Legally, you are expected to be grateful that your adoptive parents want to have you and there is no way of setting aside the adoption and having your own family legally recognised.

Actually, I think that stinks. I am certain that there are many, many cases of successful adoption, but I am equally certain that there are many, many cases of unsuccessful ones. Article 8 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is interesting: it asserts that a child has a right to an identity, and obliges the state to restore such rights if they are illegally deprived of them. That word 'illegally' is the problem. It permits the State to give social workers the right to think they know best. Better than the child, or their natural family.

I believe very strongly that a child should never be deprived of their identity. Whether your father is a saint or a serial killer; a philanthropist or a paedophile; a hobo or a homo: they are always going to be your parent and at least part of who you are depends on who they are. Fact.

I also believe very strongly that, where a child is looked after by people other than their birth parents, it is best that this happens with a married couple. All the evidence ever published has indicated that this is the best upbringing for a child. I have no doubt that there are homosexuals who would love and care for a child; just as there are bank robbers, rapists and paedophiles who would look after them. Where do you draw the line, though?

Clearly, there have to be safeguards. In 2006, two gay men from Yorkshire were imprisoned for abusing children who had been fostered by them. The indication was that social workers were slow to react, because they wanted to promote gay fostering and therefore ignored warnings. I do not have the slightest doubt that this is the greatest danger. Stupid, lazy, ignorant social workers would rather expose children to abuse than risk being accused of homophobia.

Children deserve better.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Vote - or abstain?

For the first time in my life, I am considering not voting at the next General Election. If I do vote, I shall vote Conservative. However, it depends very much on the actions of David Cameron in cleaning up his own party.

We've known for a long time that the present sordid Government has done immense damage to this country and should demit office as soon as possible. They deserved it to happen as a result of lying about wars and destroying our economy: that it is now reduced to claims about tampons, toilet seats and jars of jellied eels perhaps sums up better the despicable, sewer level that politics has reached.

However, it is important that the Tories show they are better than this. Cameron has to sack a lot of people. It will take courage, but it will pay dividends electorally, as well as showing that he really does believe in improving politics. The appropriately-named Hogg, claiming for his housekeeper, even if he didn't actually claim for the moat cleaning. Moat cleaning? What planet do these people live on?

John Gummer claimed for a mole man; Alan Duncan claimed thousands for gardening; Michael Ancram claimed to have the boiler on his swimming pool serviced.

Most of the people being fingered by the Telegraph are has-beens or nonentities. Michael Gove, Chris Grayling and Alan Duncan would be sad losses from the Shadow Cabinet, but it has to happen. Maude, Gummer, Hogg and James Gray would be no loss at all to Parliament, in my humble opinion. I want to see Cameron withdrawing the party whip from them and preventing them standing at the next election.

Weasel words about the system being defective are not enough. If people do not instinctively know what is an appropriate use of taxpayers' money, then their lack of judgement should be sufficient to prevent them being selected as candidates. The 'defective system' requires that MPs seek 'best value' for the taxpayer and that claims should not be excessive or 'luxurious', whilst being necessarily incurred in the course of their duties. Even if those were the only rules, a very basic level of common sense would tell our MPs that hiring gardeners, housekeepers and mole men, let alone ordering horse manure, or fixing their swimming pool should be excluded.

Two MPs have, I think, been unfairly caught up in this. David Willetts hired an electrician for £100 - I don't have a problem with that. If 25 light bulbs had blown, there was obviously a problem with his electrics and he had to get it seen to. Oliver Letwin had a leaking pipe which needed fixed. The fact that it ran underneath his tennis courts is irrelevant - he got the pipe fixed.

I want to see Cameron ending Parliamentary careers before I cast my vote again.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Moooove along now

Hampshire County Council has come up with an interestingidea to deter anti-social behaviour. A herd of cows are being allowed to graze on playing fields which had been plagued by hooligans and had been used as a campsite for travellers. They fertilise the fields and they have successfully cut down on anti-social activities. Excellent! Personally, I would like to see the police releasing packs of Rottweilers to savage young thugs, but if the cows act as a deterrent, more power to them!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Get a life (and a job), pet

I have been reading about Nicola Fisher today, who is pursuing a complaint against a police officer for alleged violence.

Ms Fisher ludicrously compares the 'assault' to being attacked by the Taliban.

Watch the footage. She can be heard swearing at the officer before and after he first struck her. She disobeyed several instructions to 'keep back'. Was the officer's use of force unreasonable? Maybe. However, this young man was facing a baying mob of foul-mouthed, violent, unemployable scum. I frankly don't care that he lashed out. I don't care that he hit someone who was swearing, causing a disturbance and refusing to follow simple and clear instructions. Why should a single moment of police time be wasted pursuing complaints by any of these protestors?

Ms Fisher admits in today's Daily Express that she has convictions for shoplifting and drug possession, as well as having had a drugs problem. Rather than pursuing spurious complaints, shouldn't she be trying to do something worthwhile with her own life? Like getting a job? I do hope the story in the Evening Standard is not true, where it alleges that she has been seeking £50,000 for her story.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Who is really being intolerant here?

A Conservative councillor in Derbyshire has been suspended because of alleged anti-gay comments.

Read carefully what he says, though. He is not objecting to gay people having equal rights; nor about the need to respect others. He is objecting to being pressured to embrace an agenda which goes against his religious beliefs. If the man's name had been Mohammed al Clarq rather than Patrick Clark, I wonder if his religious beliefs would have attracted more sympathy? If something goes against one's religious beliefs, sometimes one has to bite one's tongue and accept it. However, no one should be forced to pretend that they actively support anything which they consider to be immoral. That is a step too far.

Mr Clark's comments were not anti gay. They were pro individual freedom. The Conservative Party and the gay rights movement both used to believe in that, too.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Who needs rules?

Four years ago, the then Scottish Conservatives leader David McLetchie resigned after a dispute about taxi fares. Over a period of 5 years, he had claimed an average of less than one taxi fare a week to the law firm where he both worked as a partner and carried on political business. Total of less than £900.

Compare this with the shenanigans at Westminster. Harry Cohen, a London MP, claiming £310,000 in housing allowances and Jacqui Smith, in charge of the English legal system, claiming expenses to stay with her sister, not to mention the porn film scandal. And the latest events, surrounding the alleged smear campaign.

The Government is promising 'new rules' and 'new guidelines' on MPs expenses and on the behaviour of advisers. In doing so, they completely miss the point. The point is, that moral people (in my humble opinion) do not need rules to tell them that if they live and work in the same city, they should pay their mortgage out of their salary and the most they should ever claim is the travel between two workplaces (which ironically was the undoing of David McLetchie).

Surely, moral people do not need to be told not to charge barbecues, porn films or bath plugs to their expense accounts. Moral people do not need to be told not to tell lies about others' alleged sexual preferences. If a moral person lives in London and works between two London bases, the most they would dream of claiming for is an Oyster card.

It is not the system, nor the rules nor the guidelines which need changed. It is the people. The sooner there is a General Election and we get shot of this shower, the better.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

What kind of country is this?

I could barely believe what I was reading on Conservative Home, so I followed the link to the original story in the Yorkshire Post.

A pregnant woman screaming for help at the window of a burning house: neighbours equipped with a ladder and hose wanted to rescue her. And jobsworth PC PCs refused to allow them to rescue her because of 'health and safety'. If it had involved plunging into a burning building, you could understand it. But look at the house in the picture. It is a simple two-up, two-down. Michelle Colley was at the upstairs window - would it really have been an unacceptable risk for someone to go up a ladder, smash the window and pull her out? I don't think so. In fact, in days gone by, the police officers would have had the balls to do it themselves. Interesting, isn't it, that they take responsibility for health and safety of people on the ground who are at no risk, therefore making their own job easier, rather than taking responsibility for the poor sod who is screaming for help?

If neighbours had wanted a limp-wristed social worker to mince along and refuse to help, no doubt they would have sent for one. Presumably, they phoned the emergency services in the mistaken belief that the officers would give a damn. If no one had bothered calling the police, Michelle Colley and the baby she was expecting would almost certainly be alive today.

I warned you about Obama, didn't I?

Interesting that his approval ratings have plummeted since his inauguration and he is now below where Dubya was at the same stage of his first term. Let's hope and pray that the Republicans get their act together and boot his ass out of the White House in 2012. A socialist President who bankrupts America is bad for the whole world, after all.

Are you a hater? Go directly to jail. Do not collect your Giro.

Report a burglary, theft or breach of the peace and the police couldn't give a damn. Tell them the burglar, thief or yob called you 'a bad word' and hordes of police, social workers, transphobia awareness counsellors and a bunch of other loonies will be round to offer their support.

When I was at primary school, the teacher would warn the naughty boy who called you a naughty word. When I was at secondary school, the teacher would still warn them, but would probably also tell you to grow up and stop cliping. [For English readers, 'to clipe' means 'to tell tales'.] Nowadays, grown adults are encouraged to run to the nearest police-person or Labour appointed outreach worker. That is if you can spot the difference these days between a policeman and a Labour-appointed social worker. On second thoughts, I am being silly here. The social worker is more likely to prosecute someone. Not a real criminal, obviously.

The ultimate (I think, although no doubt it will be surpassed before the end of the week) is this story, in which a Conservative councillor was questioned about whether he was 'homophobic' or had said something hateful. So bloody what if he was or had????

Anyway, someone had expressed confusion about whether to press button A or button B to say they were 'male' or 'female' in a survey. Presumably, this was a grown adult and they had completed surveys or questionnaires before, without running to the police about it. However, this was their chance to have 15 minutes of fame and to embarrass a Tory councillor. The councillor in question, Jonathan Yardley, answered light-heartedly that they 'could press both buttons'. Apparently, there were so few crimes in Wolverhampton that day, that this counted as a potential 'hate crime' and police wasted two hours of their time and your money questioning him about it.

What was Mr Yardley supposed to say? I love this quote, "Unbeknown to him there was a man dressed as a woman in the audience whose male partner had raised the question."
That makes it a nice, everyday situation, doesn't it? If it was 'a man dressed as a woman', then they were a man. Simple, isn't it?

Presumably, the man/woman/thing has been in a situation of having to use a public toilet. As we all have, yes? Presumably, in that situation, he/she/it has not run to the police to complain that the toilets are only marked 'male' and 'female'. They have used whichever toilet they have felt most comfortable with. And the world has not stopped rotating on its axis as a result of this dilemma.

In the two hours that the police questioned Mr Yardley, 685 people on an average day will have died worldwide due to a lack of clean water or adequate sanitation. Which issue is more worthy of our attention? I think it's a no-brainer: unfortunately, much of public policy these days is created by people with no brains.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

I'm glad I am not a parent...

... and I understand why these parents are angry.

Why should a local authority, which had millions of pounds invested in failed Icelandic banks, feel that it is an appropriate use of taxpayers' money to encourage underage sex is anyone's guess. There is no surprise that the local health board supports the scheme. The health service up and down the country long ago passed entirely into the hands of Labour-supporting and Labour-appointed penpushers, who neither know nor care about the needs or wishes of patients or medical staff. 'Cos the pen-pushers know best, innit?

Anyhoo, both North Ayrshire Council and NHS Ayrshire & Arran are busily promoting child abuse by handing out free condoms to underage children. As we all know, this sort of obscenity invariably leads to more underage sex, more sexually transmitted diseases, more unwanted pregnancies and more unwanted babies being murdered in abortion clinics. At more expense to the taxpayer, naturally.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Suspected chocolate dealer

Readers furth of Scotland may be unaware of the actions of the so-called Scottish Parliament. However, one piece of legislation which is getting on my tits is the restriction of what can and cannot be sold in schools.

When I was at school, I used to buy crisps as a play-piece. Not any more. From August, it will be a criminal offence for any secondary school to permit the sale of certain foods. You may think this is a good idea - undoubtedly, hash cookies and magic mushrooms will be on the list. Actually, they are not. They may be banned by other legislation, but not by this one. Here is a copy of what I wrote on the TES Scotland Opinion forum:

The latest propaganda, which does get on my wick, so I'll get it off my chest here, is 'health promotion'. The Stalinist morons of the so-called Scottish Parliament, who legalised the sodomy of schoolgirls and legalised the promotion of sodomy in schools, have decided that the greatest threat facing children today is... FOOD. Innocent children, who would previously have enjoyed a packet of crisps with their lunch, are now being forced out of schools at lunchtimes to get a deep-fried Mars bar and a can of Red Bull from the chip shop because schools are being told that they must not sell anything so wicked as a packet of crisps.

Never mind that kids are coming in to secondary schools unable to read and write, being raised in homes where chips & curry sauce is the staple food, are introduced to illegal drugs and are expected to produce offspring by the age of 14 so that the 'family' can continue enjoying truckloads of welfare benefits until the latest meal ticket turns 18. No, the socialist loonies of the nanny state are more concerned that it should be a criminal offence for a teacher to give a child a chocolate.

Rant over.

Actions of a madman

No one expects Jacqui Smith to resign over her husband's behaviour. To do so, would require morals and a sense of responsibility and Labour's politicians are bereft of those.

Anyway, there are bigger issues than Mr Timney w*nking away taxpayers' money. In particular, I refer to the truly astonishing story in the Daily Mail today that the "one-eyed Scottish idiot" plans to borrow £350bn over the next two years. To put this into context, this is more than all governments between 1691 and 1997. Defeating Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler; creating free education for all; conquering the greatest empire the world has known and setting up the NHS combined cost less than this clown plans to waste in the next two years. Sorry, I withdraw the word clown. Clowns make people laugh: Broon drives them to despair.

I concur with Man in a Shed when he calls for Broon and his cronies to be prosecuted after the next Election. He has wilfully destroyed not only the legacy that Ken Clarke left him, but the legacy of centuries of British history. To bankrupt the country in order for socialist politicians to keep their snouts in the trough to the very last moment is, in my opinion, an act of treason. Bliar should have hanged, and should still be hanged, as a traitor who betrayed this country by leading it into war in Iraq on the basis of lies and Broon should join him. At the very least, the pair should be imprisoned for a very, very long time, along with each and every one of their cronies who have colluded in this Government's lies and corruption over the last twelve years.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Setanta Sports

I was interested in watching the Holland v Scotland game last night, but discovered that it was only broadcast on Setanta. I don't have a problem with them broadcasting SPL games - they pay handsomely for the right and people who want to watch a match can actually go to the game. However, for an international match played hundreds of miles away, it really is betraying the fans for the SFA not to sell the rights to a more accessible channel.

Maybe I am a stereotypical mean Scotsman, but having paid a licence fee and Sky subscription, I absolutely refuse to pay extra to watch Setanta.

Anyhoo, by the sounds of things, the Scotland team was rank rotten. Looking at the starting line up, it is no surprise. Only one of them plays for a Premiership team - Darren Fletcher of Man Utd. Although why 95 year old Graham Alexander of Burnley got a game ahead of £8 million Alan Hutton of Spurs is anyone's guess.

Ally MacLeod was not a huge success as Scotland manager. There is no arguing with that. However, for the only time ever, MacLeod got people believing that Scotland could actually win something. He made Scotland interesting. Under George Burley, it is just depressing.

I'm back to blog

Well over two months since my last post, and that ain't good enough. Maybe not as bad as the Scotland team last night, but still not good enough.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

My post on Conservative home. I quite like it.

Israel is a legitimate country, created by God and legally instituted by the United Nations. The reason that a Palestinian state does not exist is that Arab states hate Israel more than they care about their fellow Arabs: that is why they have spent 60 years seeking to destroy Israel rather than accepting the many olive branches which Israel has offered and which would have led to the creation of a separate Palestinian state.

As Conservatives, our position has to be clear. Israel is a democratic nation, our ally facing poisonous and implacable enemies. Her interests are our interests, and we should be 100% supportive. The aims of Hamas and their pals in Iran are identical to those of Nazi Germany: it is despicable that anti-semitism in this country has increased so much in the last twelve years that most people are too ignorant, blinkered or downright stupid to recognise this simple fact.

Our country has spent years engaged in a war in Iraq based on lies, billions of pounds and thousands of lives wasted, which has brought about the execution of the only man who could keep the place in order and a massive increase in the influence of our real enemy, Iran. My personal view is that Blair and his cronies should be hanged as traitors, because no group of people has ever done as much as they have to endanger the security of our country.

Is it tragic that Palestinian children are being killed? Of course it is. However, one of the difficulties in fighting terrorists is that terrorists ARE civilians, and as we know from recent attacks on British soldiers they DO use children actively as well as providing cover for their murderous plans. If Hamas were men, they would fight like men. Instead, they cower behind women and children, and use them as human shields as they launch their murderous attacks on Israel.

Joke: How many Palestinians does it take to change a light bulb?
Answer: None. They would rather sit in the dark and blame Israel.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Living Reality in Sderot

Israelis in the town of Sderot have suffered murderous, unprovoked attacks for years.

If this were a town near me, I would not be condemning the Government for retaliating against the terrorists: I would question why they are being so restrained.

The pro-terrorism rallies start again

Once again we have a combination of attention-seeking celebrities, neo Nazis, really stupid people and downright traitors out in the streets demanding that one of our allies should not protect herself from one of her, and our, enemies.

The ironic thing is, of course, that if these clowns were actually to get the sort of country they apparently want, no one would ever have the freedom to hold these sorts of protests again. Are there public protests in Riyadh or Tehran against their own governments or their allies? Why do you think there aren't?

Israel unilaterally gave land to the Palestinians. In return, Israelis have been subjected to bombardment from Hamas rockets. Why should Israel not respond with whatever force it takes to smash the terrorists? If members of Hamas were white, then they would be condemned as fascist, terrorist thugs. Firstly because Hamas are Asian, and secondly because they are Muslims, too many people disconnect their brains and fail to see the terrorist scum for what they are.

Apparently Alexei Sayle wants 'Jewish voices to be heard'. This would presumably be the same Alexei Sayle who describes himself as an atheist and a Marxist who 'rolls his eyes' when people 'go on about' religion.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Didactophobe to the entire Blogosphere, even the lefties. Special greetings to my new 'reciprocal links' buddy Liberty, Mine.