Saturday, 3 January 2009

The pro-terrorism rallies start again

Once again we have a combination of attention-seeking celebrities, neo Nazis, really stupid people and downright traitors out in the streets demanding that one of our allies should not protect herself from one of her, and our, enemies.

The ironic thing is, of course, that if these clowns were actually to get the sort of country they apparently want, no one would ever have the freedom to hold these sorts of protests again. Are there public protests in Riyadh or Tehran against their own governments or their allies? Why do you think there aren't?

Israel unilaterally gave land to the Palestinians. In return, Israelis have been subjected to bombardment from Hamas rockets. Why should Israel not respond with whatever force it takes to smash the terrorists? If members of Hamas were white, then they would be condemned as fascist, terrorist thugs. Firstly because Hamas are Asian, and secondly because they are Muslims, too many people disconnect their brains and fail to see the terrorist scum for what they are.

Apparently Alexei Sayle wants 'Jewish voices to be heard'. This would presumably be the same Alexei Sayle who describes himself as an atheist and a Marxist who 'rolls his eyes' when people 'go on about' religion.