Monday, 30 March 2009

Actions of a madman

No one expects Jacqui Smith to resign over her husband's behaviour. To do so, would require morals and a sense of responsibility and Labour's politicians are bereft of those.

Anyway, there are bigger issues than Mr Timney w*nking away taxpayers' money. In particular, I refer to the truly astonishing story in the Daily Mail today that the "one-eyed Scottish idiot" plans to borrow £350bn over the next two years. To put this into context, this is more than all governments between 1691 and 1997. Defeating Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler; creating free education for all; conquering the greatest empire the world has known and setting up the NHS combined cost less than this clown plans to waste in the next two years. Sorry, I withdraw the word clown. Clowns make people laugh: Broon drives them to despair.

I concur with Man in a Shed when he calls for Broon and his cronies to be prosecuted after the next Election. He has wilfully destroyed not only the legacy that Ken Clarke left him, but the legacy of centuries of British history. To bankrupt the country in order for socialist politicians to keep their snouts in the trough to the very last moment is, in my opinion, an act of treason. Bliar should have hanged, and should still be hanged, as a traitor who betrayed this country by leading it into war in Iraq on the basis of lies and Broon should join him. At the very least, the pair should be imprisoned for a very, very long time, along with each and every one of their cronies who have colluded in this Government's lies and corruption over the last twelve years.