Sunday, 29 March 2009

Setanta Sports

I was interested in watching the Holland v Scotland game last night, but discovered that it was only broadcast on Setanta. I don't have a problem with them broadcasting SPL games - they pay handsomely for the right and people who want to watch a match can actually go to the game. However, for an international match played hundreds of miles away, it really is betraying the fans for the SFA not to sell the rights to a more accessible channel.

Maybe I am a stereotypical mean Scotsman, but having paid a licence fee and Sky subscription, I absolutely refuse to pay extra to watch Setanta.

Anyhoo, by the sounds of things, the Scotland team was rank rotten. Looking at the starting line up, it is no surprise. Only one of them plays for a Premiership team - Darren Fletcher of Man Utd. Although why 95 year old Graham Alexander of Burnley got a game ahead of £8 million Alan Hutton of Spurs is anyone's guess.

Ally MacLeod was not a huge success as Scotland manager. There is no arguing with that. However, for the only time ever, MacLeod got people believing that Scotland could actually win something. He made Scotland interesting. Under George Burley, it is just depressing.