Monday, 30 March 2009

Suspected chocolate dealer

Readers furth of Scotland may be unaware of the actions of the so-called Scottish Parliament. However, one piece of legislation which is getting on my tits is the restriction of what can and cannot be sold in schools.

When I was at school, I used to buy crisps as a play-piece. Not any more. From August, it will be a criminal offence for any secondary school to permit the sale of certain foods. You may think this is a good idea - undoubtedly, hash cookies and magic mushrooms will be on the list. Actually, they are not. They may be banned by other legislation, but not by this one. Here is a copy of what I wrote on the TES Scotland Opinion forum:

The latest propaganda, which does get on my wick, so I'll get it off my chest here, is 'health promotion'. The Stalinist morons of the so-called Scottish Parliament, who legalised the sodomy of schoolgirls and legalised the promotion of sodomy in schools, have decided that the greatest threat facing children today is... FOOD. Innocent children, who would previously have enjoyed a packet of crisps with their lunch, are now being forced out of schools at lunchtimes to get a deep-fried Mars bar and a can of Red Bull from the chip shop because schools are being told that they must not sell anything so wicked as a packet of crisps.

Never mind that kids are coming in to secondary schools unable to read and write, being raised in homes where chips & curry sauce is the staple food, are introduced to illegal drugs and are expected to produce offspring by the age of 14 so that the 'family' can continue enjoying truckloads of welfare benefits until the latest meal ticket turns 18. No, the socialist loonies of the nanny state are more concerned that it should be a criminal offence for a teacher to give a child a chocolate.

Rant over.

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