Friday, 17 April 2009

Get a life (and a job), pet

I have been reading about Nicola Fisher today, who is pursuing a complaint against a police officer for alleged violence.

Ms Fisher ludicrously compares the 'assault' to being attacked by the Taliban.

Watch the footage. She can be heard swearing at the officer before and after he first struck her. She disobeyed several instructions to 'keep back'. Was the officer's use of force unreasonable? Maybe. However, this young man was facing a baying mob of foul-mouthed, violent, unemployable scum. I frankly don't care that he lashed out. I don't care that he hit someone who was swearing, causing a disturbance and refusing to follow simple and clear instructions. Why should a single moment of police time be wasted pursuing complaints by any of these protestors?

Ms Fisher admits in today's Daily Express that she has convictions for shoplifting and drug possession, as well as having had a drugs problem. Rather than pursuing spurious complaints, shouldn't she be trying to do something worthwhile with her own life? Like getting a job? I do hope the story in the Evening Standard is not true, where it alleges that she has been seeking £50,000 for her story.

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