Wednesday, 1 April 2009

What kind of country is this?

I could barely believe what I was reading on Conservative Home, so I followed the link to the original story in the Yorkshire Post.

A pregnant woman screaming for help at the window of a burning house: neighbours equipped with a ladder and hose wanted to rescue her. And jobsworth PC PCs refused to allow them to rescue her because of 'health and safety'. If it had involved plunging into a burning building, you could understand it. But look at the house in the picture. It is a simple two-up, two-down. Michelle Colley was at the upstairs window - would it really have been an unacceptable risk for someone to go up a ladder, smash the window and pull her out? I don't think so. In fact, in days gone by, the police officers would have had the balls to do it themselves. Interesting, isn't it, that they take responsibility for health and safety of people on the ground who are at no risk, therefore making their own job easier, rather than taking responsibility for the poor sod who is screaming for help?

If neighbours had wanted a limp-wristed social worker to mince along and refuse to help, no doubt they would have sent for one. Presumably, they phoned the emergency services in the mistaken belief that the officers would give a damn. If no one had bothered calling the police, Michelle Colley and the baby she was expecting would almost certainly be alive today.

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