Thursday, 16 April 2009

Who is really being intolerant here?

A Conservative councillor in Derbyshire has been suspended because of alleged anti-gay comments.

Read carefully what he says, though. He is not objecting to gay people having equal rights; nor about the need to respect others. He is objecting to being pressured to embrace an agenda which goes against his religious beliefs. If the man's name had been Mohammed al Clarq rather than Patrick Clark, I wonder if his religious beliefs would have attracted more sympathy? If something goes against one's religious beliefs, sometimes one has to bite one's tongue and accept it. However, no one should be forced to pretend that they actively support anything which they consider to be immoral. That is a step too far.

Mr Clark's comments were not anti gay. They were pro individual freedom. The Conservative Party and the gay rights movement both used to believe in that, too.

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