Thursday, 2 July 2009

Not in my name, Dave. Stop apologising

Interesting report in the Daily Mail about David Cameron's latest 'apology'.

So far, Dave has apologised to the ANC because they used to be called 'terrorists'. Well, boo-bloody-hoo! How would Dave describe the sort of scum who would put hanging tyres around the necks of poor black people who dared to oppose them? All with the support of Saint Nelson's vile wife. 'Terrorist' is, if anything, too mild a word to describe such vermin.

He has apologised to Scotland for the Poll Tax.

Well, I am a Scotsman, and need no apology for that. Forcing bone idle people to get off their fat backsides and contribute to local services is not, in principle, a dreadful thing. It could have been made fairer, of course, by broader bands based on ability to pay. Take that to its conclusion and it is not a million miles from, er, the SNP's beloved local income tax. It's great listening to the Tartan Marxists using much the same arguments to support their flagship policy as the wicked Tories used 20 years ago in favour of the iniquitous Poll Tax. Of course, both are crap policies and the Council Tax is as good as we will get in the foreseeable future. But as a matter of principle, hmmm...

Now Dave apologises for Section 28. Well, as a teacher, let me set things straight:

1. I supported Section 28 (Section 2a according to the ludicrous Scottish Parliament)

2. Section 28 did not prevent teachers and schools treating homosexuality and homosexuals fairly

3. I have had homosexual students and colleagues, none of whom would feel that I was in any way 'homophobic'

4. Section 28 was introduced at a particular moment in history, to prevent Marxist extremists taking over loony left local authorities and then abusing their powers.
That was morally, ethically, legally and politically the right course of action

5. The notion that Section 28 was homophobic is a downright lie, peddled by loony left extremists for their own motives

6. Section 28 does not need apologised for

I think, actually, that politicians should be very, very cautious about apologising for any event which preceded their term of office. A couple of years ago, we had loonies falling over themselves to apologise for the slave trade. Do I feel guilty about the slave trade, or the fact that British people made fortunes on the back of other people's misery? Not in the least. Cerebrally challenged people, please note: I have not said that I support the slave trade. However, I have no control over events which happened centuries ago. Because, where do you stop? Do you condemn people living in Africa today, whose ancestors sold their fellow tribesmen into slavery? Undoubtedly they did, but it is not the fault of anyone alive today.

If you want to feel guilty about slavery, look at the labels of consumer good in your house. How many are made in China? Every time you buy something made in China, you are supporting a totalitarian state which puts its own citizens in concentration camps; censors their access to foreign media; brutally suppresses any opposition; condemns hundreds of millions to live in dire poverty to produce goods which they couldn't afford themselves so that fat, lazy westerners like me don't need to bother paying a fair price for the things we buy.

If you supported the ANC because you thought it was bad for black Africans to be oppressed, what are you doing for the Chinese who are treated even worse?

If you feel you need to feel guilty about slavery of 200 years ago, what the hell are you going to do about slavery in our own century, which you could do something about?

If you think that homosexuals are discriminated against here, what do you say to thousands of Chinese in concentration camps?

As Dave has discovered, it is easier to 'apologise' for something that never had anything to do with you than to address real issues and our real responsibilities. Feeble leadership, Dave. Zero per cent on this one.

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