Thursday, 2 July 2009

Which British school has produced two Nobel Prize winners?

Kilmarnock Academy. Now a humble comprehensive in East Ayrshire; the former school of Alexander Fleming and John Boyd Orr. Needless to say, they were both educated at the school when it was selective. In Fleming's day, it was also fee-paying. My grandmother attended Kilmarnock Academy, when it was selective. That meant something. Not that her family was rich (they weren't), but that they believed in doing their best to achieve things. Nor does it mean that it turned out selfish snobs. Its most illustrious former pupils devoted their lives to improving the lot of their fellow man.

I know where I am going with this: it is probably obvious to you, dear reader. I shan't subject you to a rant about dumbing-down, effects of socialism, etc etc. I don't really need to, do I?

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