Tuesday, 6 January 2009

My post on Conservative home. I quite like it.

Israel is a legitimate country, created by God and legally instituted by the United Nations. The reason that a Palestinian state does not exist is that Arab states hate Israel more than they care about their fellow Arabs: that is why they have spent 60 years seeking to destroy Israel rather than accepting the many olive branches which Israel has offered and which would have led to the creation of a separate Palestinian state.

As Conservatives, our position has to be clear. Israel is a democratic nation, our ally facing poisonous and implacable enemies. Her interests are our interests, and we should be 100% supportive. The aims of Hamas and their pals in Iran are identical to those of Nazi Germany: it is despicable that anti-semitism in this country has increased so much in the last twelve years that most people are too ignorant, blinkered or downright stupid to recognise this simple fact.

Our country has spent years engaged in a war in Iraq based on lies, billions of pounds and thousands of lives wasted, which has brought about the execution of the only man who could keep the place in order and a massive increase in the influence of our real enemy, Iran. My personal view is that Blair and his cronies should be hanged as traitors, because no group of people has ever done as much as they have to endanger the security of our country.

Is it tragic that Palestinian children are being killed? Of course it is. However, one of the difficulties in fighting terrorists is that terrorists ARE civilians, and as we know from recent attacks on British soldiers they DO use children actively as well as providing cover for their murderous plans. If Hamas were men, they would fight like men. Instead, they cower behind women and children, and use them as human shields as they launch their murderous attacks on Israel.

Joke: How many Palestinians does it take to change a light bulb?
Answer: None. They would rather sit in the dark and blame Israel.