Wednesday, 1 April 2009

What kind of country is this?

I could barely believe what I was reading on Conservative Home, so I followed the link to the original story in the Yorkshire Post.

A pregnant woman screaming for help at the window of a burning house: neighbours equipped with a ladder and hose wanted to rescue her. And jobsworth PC PCs refused to allow them to rescue her because of 'health and safety'. If it had involved plunging into a burning building, you could understand it. But look at the house in the picture. It is a simple two-up, two-down. Michelle Colley was at the upstairs window - would it really have been an unacceptable risk for someone to go up a ladder, smash the window and pull her out? I don't think so. In fact, in days gone by, the police officers would have had the balls to do it themselves. Interesting, isn't it, that they take responsibility for health and safety of people on the ground who are at no risk, therefore making their own job easier, rather than taking responsibility for the poor sod who is screaming for help?

If neighbours had wanted a limp-wristed social worker to mince along and refuse to help, no doubt they would have sent for one. Presumably, they phoned the emergency services in the mistaken belief that the officers would give a damn. If no one had bothered calling the police, Michelle Colley and the baby she was expecting would almost certainly be alive today.

I warned you about Obama, didn't I?

Interesting that his approval ratings have plummeted since his inauguration and he is now below where Dubya was at the same stage of his first term. Let's hope and pray that the Republicans get their act together and boot his ass out of the White House in 2012. A socialist President who bankrupts America is bad for the whole world, after all.

Are you a hater? Go directly to jail. Do not collect your Giro.

Report a burglary, theft or breach of the peace and the police couldn't give a damn. Tell them the burglar, thief or yob called you 'a bad word' and hordes of police, social workers, transphobia awareness counsellors and a bunch of other loonies will be round to offer their support.

When I was at primary school, the teacher would warn the naughty boy who called you a naughty word. When I was at secondary school, the teacher would still warn them, but would probably also tell you to grow up and stop cliping. [For English readers, 'to clipe' means 'to tell tales'.] Nowadays, grown adults are encouraged to run to the nearest police-person or Labour appointed outreach worker. That is if you can spot the difference these days between a policeman and a Labour-appointed social worker. On second thoughts, I am being silly here. The social worker is more likely to prosecute someone. Not a real criminal, obviously.

The ultimate (I think, although no doubt it will be surpassed before the end of the week) is this story, in which a Conservative councillor was questioned about whether he was 'homophobic' or had said something hateful. So bloody what if he was or had????

Anyway, someone had expressed confusion about whether to press button A or button B to say they were 'male' or 'female' in a survey. Presumably, this was a grown adult and they had completed surveys or questionnaires before, without running to the police about it. However, this was their chance to have 15 minutes of fame and to embarrass a Tory councillor. The councillor in question, Jonathan Yardley, answered light-heartedly that they 'could press both buttons'. Apparently, there were so few crimes in Wolverhampton that day, that this counted as a potential 'hate crime' and police wasted two hours of their time and your money questioning him about it.

What was Mr Yardley supposed to say? I love this quote, "Unbeknown to him there was a man dressed as a woman in the audience whose male partner had raised the question."
That makes it a nice, everyday situation, doesn't it? If it was 'a man dressed as a woman', then they were a man. Simple, isn't it?

Presumably, the man/woman/thing has been in a situation of having to use a public toilet. As we all have, yes? Presumably, in that situation, he/she/it has not run to the police to complain that the toilets are only marked 'male' and 'female'. They have used whichever toilet they have felt most comfortable with. And the world has not stopped rotating on its axis as a result of this dilemma.

In the two hours that the police questioned Mr Yardley, 685 people on an average day will have died worldwide due to a lack of clean water or adequate sanitation. Which issue is more worthy of our attention? I think it's a no-brainer: unfortunately, much of public policy these days is created by people with no brains.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

I'm glad I am not a parent...

... and I understand why these parents are angry.

Why should a local authority, which had millions of pounds invested in failed Icelandic banks, feel that it is an appropriate use of taxpayers' money to encourage underage sex is anyone's guess. There is no surprise that the local health board supports the scheme. The health service up and down the country long ago passed entirely into the hands of Labour-supporting and Labour-appointed penpushers, who neither know nor care about the needs or wishes of patients or medical staff. 'Cos the pen-pushers know best, innit?

Anyhoo, both North Ayrshire Council and NHS Ayrshire & Arran are busily promoting child abuse by handing out free condoms to underage children. As we all know, this sort of obscenity invariably leads to more underage sex, more sexually transmitted diseases, more unwanted pregnancies and more unwanted babies being murdered in abortion clinics. At more expense to the taxpayer, naturally.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Suspected chocolate dealer

Readers furth of Scotland may be unaware of the actions of the so-called Scottish Parliament. However, one piece of legislation which is getting on my tits is the restriction of what can and cannot be sold in schools.

When I was at school, I used to buy crisps as a play-piece. Not any more. From August, it will be a criminal offence for any secondary school to permit the sale of certain foods. You may think this is a good idea - undoubtedly, hash cookies and magic mushrooms will be on the list. Actually, they are not. They may be banned by other legislation, but not by this one. Here is a copy of what I wrote on the TES Scotland Opinion forum:

The latest propaganda, which does get on my wick, so I'll get it off my chest here, is 'health promotion'. The Stalinist morons of the so-called Scottish Parliament, who legalised the sodomy of schoolgirls and legalised the promotion of sodomy in schools, have decided that the greatest threat facing children today is... FOOD. Innocent children, who would previously have enjoyed a packet of crisps with their lunch, are now being forced out of schools at lunchtimes to get a deep-fried Mars bar and a can of Red Bull from the chip shop because schools are being told that they must not sell anything so wicked as a packet of crisps.

Never mind that kids are coming in to secondary schools unable to read and write, being raised in homes where chips & curry sauce is the staple food, are introduced to illegal drugs and are expected to produce offspring by the age of 14 so that the 'family' can continue enjoying truckloads of welfare benefits until the latest meal ticket turns 18. No, the socialist loonies of the nanny state are more concerned that it should be a criminal offence for a teacher to give a child a chocolate.

Rant over.

Actions of a madman

No one expects Jacqui Smith to resign over her husband's behaviour. To do so, would require morals and a sense of responsibility and Labour's politicians are bereft of those.

Anyway, there are bigger issues than Mr Timney w*nking away taxpayers' money. In particular, I refer to the truly astonishing story in the Daily Mail today that the "one-eyed Scottish idiot" plans to borrow £350bn over the next two years. To put this into context, this is more than all governments between 1691 and 1997. Defeating Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler; creating free education for all; conquering the greatest empire the world has known and setting up the NHS combined cost less than this clown plans to waste in the next two years. Sorry, I withdraw the word clown. Clowns make people laugh: Broon drives them to despair.

I concur with Man in a Shed when he calls for Broon and his cronies to be prosecuted after the next Election. He has wilfully destroyed not only the legacy that Ken Clarke left him, but the legacy of centuries of British history. To bankrupt the country in order for socialist politicians to keep their snouts in the trough to the very last moment is, in my opinion, an act of treason. Bliar should have hanged, and should still be hanged, as a traitor who betrayed this country by leading it into war in Iraq on the basis of lies and Broon should join him. At the very least, the pair should be imprisoned for a very, very long time, along with each and every one of their cronies who have colluded in this Government's lies and corruption over the last twelve years.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Setanta Sports

I was interested in watching the Holland v Scotland game last night, but discovered that it was only broadcast on Setanta. I don't have a problem with them broadcasting SPL games - they pay handsomely for the right and people who want to watch a match can actually go to the game. However, for an international match played hundreds of miles away, it really is betraying the fans for the SFA not to sell the rights to a more accessible channel.

Maybe I am a stereotypical mean Scotsman, but having paid a licence fee and Sky subscription, I absolutely refuse to pay extra to watch Setanta.

Anyhoo, by the sounds of things, the Scotland team was rank rotten. Looking at the starting line up, it is no surprise. Only one of them plays for a Premiership team - Darren Fletcher of Man Utd. Although why 95 year old Graham Alexander of Burnley got a game ahead of £8 million Alan Hutton of Spurs is anyone's guess.

Ally MacLeod was not a huge success as Scotland manager. There is no arguing with that. However, for the only time ever, MacLeod got people believing that Scotland could actually win something. He made Scotland interesting. Under George Burley, it is just depressing.

I'm back to blog

Well over two months since my last post, and that ain't good enough. Maybe not as bad as the Scotland team last night, but still not good enough.