Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I'm back (again). A poster on the TES messageboard annoyed me...

Below is pretty much what I wrote. A poster had suggested that Tzipi Livni was afraid of prosecution for war crimes; that the Swiss were wrong to ban minarets and that there was a rise of the far right in Britain...

What war crimes would those be? Have you been to Israel, including territories under the control of the Palestinian Authority? I have. It is a very safe, peaceful and pleasant country, although that is not the image presented by the Western media. Gaza is a nightmare, because the people there have chosen to elect terrorists to govern them who are dedicated to the destruction of a legitimate country. The policies of Hamas are much the same as those of Nazi Germany, so dealing with them is not a matter for a gentle chat over coffee and biscuits. It is a brutal business.

Switzerland banning minarets is a matter for the Swiss. They haven't banned Muslims, or mosques, or anything that would approach an abuse of human rights. The Swiss have taken a decision that minarets are oppressive to the majority population, given that the minarets are taller than surrounding buildings and cause noise pollution through the adhan. They mark out a mosque as the most important building in the community and indeed all of the above is the point of building minarets. So, as far as it is any of my business, I think the Swiss are right.

What rise of the far right has there been in the UK? Roughly 1 in every 300 councillors represents the BNP. Two out of over 100 MEPs. Not much of a rise, if that is what you are referring to. The problem in this country is the influence of the far left, as demonstrated by 12 and a half years of Marxist government. Remember the anitsemitic posters Labour produced depicting Michael Howard as a pig? Ken Livingstone chumming up to the antisemitic Hugo Chavez. Terrorist-loving 'preachers' being allowed to enter the UK and stir up hatred at certain mosques. Antisemitic campaigns by Marxist trade unions such as Unite and Unison to boycot Israeli goods. Shall I go on...?

Let us remember that Hitler was leader of the National Socialist Workers' Party. Antisemitism and racial hatred are products of the far left, not anywhere on the right of the political spectrum.