Sunday, 28 February 2010

God save this country!

According to the Sunday Times today, Liebour look as though they will win the next General Election. I have posted the following on Conservative Home, with one or two tweaks:

I am utterly depressed at the prospect of this vile and corrupt Government remaining in power. I shall vote Conservative but, frankly, with little conviction.

Cameron - lacks principle, as shown by reneging on his promise of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty; by voting in favour of keeping Section 28, then apologising for the fact it was introduced; by disagreeing with the increase in the top rate of Income Tax, yet insisting that a Conservative government would keep it; by trying to water down and weasel out of the commitment to the Married Couple's tax allowance.

Cameron - has packed his shadow cabinet with effete ex-public schoolboys.

While Labour was ruining the economy, we needed a hard man like Hague to go for the jugular as Shadow Chancellor.
While Labour was allowing the country to be over-run by uncontrolled immigration, we needed a man of principle like Davis as Shadow Home Secretary to argue our case.
While Labour was betraying centuries of British history by signing the treacherous Lisbon Treaty, we needed a man of intellect and gravitas like Rifkind as Shadow Foreign Secretary.
While Labour was adding scores of billions to the national debt by pouring money into the black hole that is the NHS, we needed a man who knows and understands the problems of the NHS like Fox as Shadow Health Secretary to explain how we would make it more efficient. Instead, we had Dave promising to commit even more billions.

Cameron - by picking the right team, by standing by his principles, and by standing clearly by them, could have won this Election and begun to heal our broken society. Instead, he has failed.

Conservative voters are not interested in how many Tory MPs are gay, bisexual, women, Muslim or from ethnic minorities. We care that they believe in law and order; a strong economy and protecting British sovereignty. Yet Dave has fallen into the trap of trying to appease every minority who would never have voted Tory in a million years, while kicking traditional Tories in the teeth. He has taken his eye off the ball and has focused on minutiae.

It isn't too late. We can still win the next election, by hammering the message of PRINCIPLE.

1. As a PRINCIPLE, no one in the country should pay more than half their income in direct taxes.

2. As a PRINCIPLE, dangerous criminals should be kept off the streets, and no Conservative Home Secretary will ever be over-ruled by a foreign court other than on a law directly relevant to free trade.

3. As a PRINCIPLE, no able-bodied person should be allowed to spend half their adult life on benefits.

4. As a PRINCIPLE, we shall immediately repeal the Human Rights Act and put in its place a Bill of Rights, beginning with the phrase "We, the people..." which shall be adopted after a Referendum. The Bill of Rights will reject any and every area of law in which the UK is subservient to the EU, or would be in the future, save where these relate strictly to the promotion of free trade (which is all we have ever had the chance to vote on) or have been adopted by a British government as the result of a referendum or at least a manifesto commitment in a General Election.

5. As a PRINCIPLE, by the end of five years, the national debt will have been reduced and British people will be contributing a lower share of their earnings in direct taxation.

6. As a PRINCIPLE, a Conservative government will justify taxation not in terms of how tax cuts are funded, but in justifying why tax has to be taken from the taxpayer in the first place.

7. As a PRINCIPLE, the rights of the victims of crime will take precedence over the rights of criminals in every case.

8. As a PRINCIPLE, the balance between birth, death, immigration and emigration rates shall not be permitted to lead to an increase in the UK population beyond 0.1% per year.

Believe me, I still want Cameron to win, but he has to EARN it and FAST.

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