Saturday, 6 March 2010

Capital punishment for Jon Venables? Definitely!

So, the piece of sewage formerly known as Jon Venables is back in prison and at risk from other prisoners. A violent criminal and drug user, even discounting his role in one of the most vile crimes ever committed in this country, why should another £250,000 of taxpayers' money be spent on creating a new identity for him? Why should he protected, rather than the people with the misfortune to come into contact with him?

We know that a Labour government will never care about the victims of crime. That is why Tony Martin was held in prison for years as a political prisoner for daring to euthanise a burglar. There was a time when I was opposed to capital punishment. However, I have come round to supporting it. When children like Venables and Robert Thomson commit acts of evil, of course there is usually more than one sad story behind it. However, realistically, Venables could never seriously have been expected ever to live a normal life afterwards. I think it is only common sense to recognise that, for whatever reason, the life of someone like that is pointless. Nothing is done for the victims, whilst criminals are indulged at huge cost to the taxpayer. For a vile and unprovoked act of sheer evil, as theirs was, surely the only sane thing that can happen is to euthanise them. It is not even capital punishment: morally, it is no different to poisoning diseased rats or shooting rabid dogs.

If Venables had been euthanised, he would not have been free to attack anyone else and Jamie Bulger's mother would be able to sleep more easily. Justice would have been served.

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