Thursday, 4 March 2010

EIS having a march round Glasgow on Saturday

I'm not a member of EIS and I can think of better ways of spending my Saturday.
Having looked at their web page:

- I agree about the incompetence of government being responsible for the cuts in education. I agree about the obscene amounts of money used to bail out bankers, rather than allowing market forces to have their way.
- I disagree about 'teacher shortages' - we all know that there is a huge surplus of teachers which will exist until the universities stop training too many people.
- I think protesting about cuts is futile. The country is bankrupt thanks to the actions of this Government. Cuts will happen in the next few years no matter who is elected. The only alternative to saying this, is to tell lies or to stick your head in the sand.
- The only meaningful protest is one aimed at the removal of this Government and replacing it with a Conservative administration, which is the only alternative at the General Election. Yes, I know that education is a devolved matter, and the SNP administration at Holyrood is almost as useless as its Labour predecessors, but the budgetary constraints are caused, and imposed, by Labour at Westminster. The rottenest of rotten burghs, Glasgow City Council, is still under single-party control and in Scotland's largest local authority there should therefore be no one else to blame if Labour chooses to reduce the education budget.
- So, what is the political focus of the protest? Is it anti-Labour and pro-Conservative? From the Marxist loonies who run the EIS, that is distinctly unlikely. Much more likely that it is aimed at putting pressure on the SNP with the (in my view, bizarre) aim of shoring up the Labour vote.

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