Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Loony students

I am currently doing a postgraduate course, and I was intrigued to pick up the leaflet of candidates for the student union elections.

Two have included almost identical statements, which I suspect have been fed to them by the Marxist trade union supporting them. Among the gems are:

- Lobby government to 'bring back grants' and 'cut their own salaries before cutting our courses and staff'. Er, yes. And on Planet Earth people may think it rather more productive to...

- NO TO WAR; NO TO BNP. Er, yes. The BNP is probably the only political party to have been unanimously opposed to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The BNP argues that we should only ever go to war to directly protect British interests. However, let's try another policy...

- '...campaign alongside LGBT and Muslim community' - unless the institution in question is a hotbed of apostasy, I think it is just a tad unlikely that those particular groups would consider that they jointly form a distinct community. In those Islamic countries where homosexuals fear being executed, I suspect that members of the LGBT community would chuckle at the suggestion. Or maybe not. However, let's try...

- 'ensure... remains a Nazi-free zone with tolerance and diversity at its heart.' Absolutely! We need some Lebensraum to celebrate all this tolerance and diversity in. There is no room for, er, anyone who disagrees with us.

Anyhoo, many thanks to the Union of the University of Strathclyde. There are some excellent candidates - Charandeep Singh as VP for Equality & Diversity has some fine ideas and I think he has set his sights too low in running for that post. The others, hopefully, will grow up and vote Tory like the rest of us. Although if they continue to live in the West of Scotland, there is a possibility that they will do neither; the left-wing indoctrination running too deeply.

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