Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Nasty Party - which is it?

The question was raised on the TES message board, to which I penned the following reply:

I would propose that the 'nasty party' is the one which has betrayed this country by taking us into a war on the basis of lies; murdered a government scientist who dared to tell the truth; betrayed British soldiers by denying them proper equipment for aforesaid war; increased the gap between rich and poor, despite their avowed intention to reduce poverty; wrecked the one world-class industry that we had left (banking & financial services); borrowed more money in just two financial years than every government combined between 1691 and 1997; introduced 'privacy' and 'human rights' legislation which allows the rich and powerful to gain injunctions at the drop of a credit card to prevent the media reporting true stories about them; released Jon Venables whilst keeping Tony Martin a political prisoner; appointed a psychotic bully to the post of Prime Minister without an election, despite a promise by the previous incumbent to serve a full term; gave away the rebate from the EU which Margaret Thatcher won for us and which will cost us billions as a result; gave away the last remnants of British sovereignty via the Lisbon Treaty, despite the pre-election promise to give us a referendum. Shall I go on...?
As long as New Labour is consigned to the dustbin of history, I'll be happy. Bring on the election!

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