Monday, 5 April 2010

Gays under your roof

As the General Election draws nearer, the Marxist filth get more and more desperate. The vile Daily Mirror, for example, attacks the Tories on the Chris Grayling story.

Now, I am no fan of Chris Grayling. However, he seems to be a decent enough guy and does not deserve the sort of attack which is being made on him. Additionally, the Conservative Party should beware. There will be millions of people up and down the country (I suspect a majority) who believe that what Grayling said represents a sensible compromise. I am one of them.

Of course, people should not be discriminated against in larger establishments. However, if I am letting out a room or two in my home, I should have the right to state whom to admit. Lots of establishments advertise themselves as 'gay-friendly' and I don't propose banning them. Nor should a B&B be vilified if they prefer not to have gays sharing a room. Or indeed any unmarried couple.

To compare this to discrimination on race is disingenuous. If the gay men had booked single rooms at the B&B, they would not have been turned away. Someone with a prejudice against black people would have turned away any black person. It's not the same thing. Discrimination against gays by denying them a double room is merely discriminating against certain behaviour. Again, the issue is not whether you approve or not of such behaviour. The issue is whether a homeowner has the right to demand certain standards of anyone during the time they are under his or her roof. The answer has to be 'yes'.

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