Monday, 10 May 2010

Party politics at its most sordid...

That is the quote from Lord Heseltine after the astonishing revelation about the duplicitous behaviour of Nick Clegg in trying to back both horses at once. If this latest scheme comes about, the country will have yet another unelected Prime Minister foisted on it. Clegg, who claimed to have been the 'only candidate offering real change', will have proved himself to be merely a patsy for the Liebour Party to remain in power.

A rainbow coalition would be outrageously unfair to English voters, who voted overwhelmingly for a Conservative Government. Dependent on regional parties, it would mean harsh budgetary cuts for public services in England whilst Scotland, Wales and/or Northern Ireland escaped. No wonder Alex Salmond is rubbing his hands in glee. No one who seriously wants the United Kingdom to survive can support this.

There is no way that there is a majority in this Parliament in favour of PR, including Alternative Vote. FPTP is the least bad system we have; it is the clear preference of virtually all Tory MPs as well as a fair proportion of Labour MPS. If Brown puts forward a Queen's Speech, Tory MPs have to be united in their votes against it and take every opportunity to highlight the utter immorality of this stitch-up of power. We need to force an early General Election, on the current boundaries and without AV, in which Liebour and the Fib Dems would be decimated. After that, a majority Tory Government could introduce equal-sized constituencies at its leisure.

The utter dishonesty of Clegg and his party has to be made crystal-clear to voters. Any attempt at a deal with them by the Conservatives has to be called off - now, and made clear that it will not be on the table next time either. The Fib Dems have shown that they could never make PR work. PR would lead inevitably to coalition and, for PR to be effective, the smaller parties have to be mature and willing to negotiate with whoever the majority party is. The Fib Dems have shown themselves conclusively to be a collection of beardy-weirdies who actually have no interest in gaining power. They get off on being in permanent opposition; moaning about how life is unfair, whilst really being quite relieved not to have the responsibility of making the real-life decisions of which they are incapable. The Orange Bookers should join the Tory Party; left-wingers who are serious politicians should join the Labout Party, and leave the rest exposed as the rump of weirdos and losers that they are.


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