Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Nasty Party - which is it?

The question was raised on the TES message board, to which I penned the following reply:

I would propose that the 'nasty party' is the one which has betrayed this country by taking us into a war on the basis of lies; murdered a government scientist who dared to tell the truth; betrayed British soldiers by denying them proper equipment for aforesaid war; increased the gap between rich and poor, despite their avowed intention to reduce poverty; wrecked the one world-class industry that we had left (banking & financial services); borrowed more money in just two financial years than every government combined between 1691 and 1997; introduced 'privacy' and 'human rights' legislation which allows the rich and powerful to gain injunctions at the drop of a credit card to prevent the media reporting true stories about them; released Jon Venables whilst keeping Tony Martin a political prisoner; appointed a psychotic bully to the post of Prime Minister without an election, despite a promise by the previous incumbent to serve a full term; gave away the rebate from the EU which Margaret Thatcher won for us and which will cost us billions as a result; gave away the last remnants of British sovereignty via the Lisbon Treaty, despite the pre-election promise to give us a referendum. Shall I go on...?
As long as New Labour is consigned to the dustbin of history, I'll be happy. Bring on the election!

As I said - he should have been euthanised

Now we know, and it is particularly sickening, considering what he was originally convicted of, that the piece of sewage formerly known as Jon Venables was sent back to prison because of child pornography.

Venables is clearly evil. He will never change. At 27, he is no longer a child, nor even a young adult. Why should the legal system protect his identity? Vigilantes only exist where the politicians, police and legal system have failed to do their jobs. Venables deserves no protection.

Phwoar! Look at that for a poll!

After a few weeks of quite worrying opinion polls, the latest ICM poll in the News of the World shows a healthy Tory lead of nine points. Whatever the Tories' faults, this country desperately needs a change of Government, so this is very good news. Because of the effects of Irish MPs rarely voting (and Sinn Fein never attending); Welsh and Scottish nationalists and 60 or so (hopefully fewer after the GE) Liberals, on most issues there is never a united opposition to the Government, so even a minority administration would not be anything to fear. Hopefully, though, we will have a sufficient Tory majority.