Saturday, 13 August 2011

England is sick

So says Monika Konczyk who was almost burned to death by rioters. And who could say she is wrong?

A mesly few months in prison is not sufficient for the people who were involved in these riots. Let's be clear: I believe that the army should have been sent on to the streets with a shoot to kill policy. Every serviceman should have been brought back from Afghanistan or any other Godforsaken spot in the world they have been posted to; anyone with moral qualms about euthanising scum should have been allowed leave and the others sent out to do precisely that: euthanise the scum.

Any rioters who do end up in our holiday camp prisons should, in my view, be sent out each day in chain gangs to clean up the mess they have created. Of course, it won't happen. We have had 66 years of socialist governments ever since the vile, anti-Semitic Clement Attlee was elected in 1945. Socialists know that the morally defective scum of society are their core voters although, of course, it doesn't matter whom you vote for, since all of our political parties are contaminated with it. Maggie Thatcher talked tough, but failed to bring back capital punishment; increased spending on social security and she abolished corporal punishment in schools, contributing to the spoilt, selfish generation we now have. David Cameron? If he had gone to a less posh school, he would have been New Labour to the core. To quote Blackadder, he "is as wet as a haddock's bathing costume."

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