Wednesday, 10 August 2011

London riots; England burns

What is to be said? The mindless thuggery and violence which has affected deprived communities in this country for years has now erupted spectacularly into the world's headlines. Normally, as I say, the victims are poor people who are helpless and voiceless. In the leafiest of suburbs, our political class are completely immune. Every political party is led by a millionaire who got where they are because of their parents' wealth and connections. One good consequence of the current situation is that it affects even the country's élite: we really are 'in it together' Mr Cameron.

Who or what is to blame? Forget poverty, at least in a material sense. The people carrying out this violence have Blackberries and the latest designer gear: they are deprived morally and spiritually, not materially. We have whole generations of families living a lifetime on benefits: they are told they are entitled to handouts; entitled to human rights, and no one in authority ever tells them that they have responsibilities to contribute to the society which supports them.

Family breakdown is an issue. What do David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed and David Miliband, Harriet Harman, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair have in common? They are all married. They know that a stable family background and parents who work for a living is best for their families, and they are right. What is wrong, is that most of them refuse to advocate it for other people. Not one of them condemns a single mother a brood of bastards by several different fathers. Not one of them is prepared to say that it is not right for a child to grow up without knowing his father (as I did). They support truckloads of benefits for the underclass and hope that the problem will go away. In doing so, they betray the young people that they supposedly care about.

What about religious leaders? The Church of Scotland has been debating whether practising sodomites should be ordained. When did you last hear a Christian leader condemning fornication? Not in this century, I'll bet. Men who should fear only God seem to fear and care only about left-wing politicians and supporting immoral 'equality' laws which discriminate against Christians in our own country. In case you think this is a racist point, it is not. The United Kingdom is consitutionally a Protestant Christian country: remove that, and you break up the UK. Alex Salmond understands that: undoubtedly he believes in 'equality', but he also wants to undermine our country's constitution and destroy our country.

Our police forces have become emasculated. Senior officers are obsessed with 'rights' and 'diversity' and sucking up to left wing politicians, instead of focusing on why we need police: to keep law and order. We don't need a 'police service', because it won't serve. We need a 'police force' because it exists to enforce the law without fear or favour, or it is nothing. We don't need police officers to be mincing social workers: we need them to strike fear into the criminal classes. If I am a victim of crime, I don't want a policeman to hold my hand: I want a ruthless bastard who will sort out the criminal. Vigilantes only exist where official forces have failed: interestingly, we are seeing vigilante groups starting up among ethnic minorities in London to protect their property.

On the international scene, many of our political class have cheered the so-called 'Arab Spring'. Our government has spent hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers' money interfering in the Libyan Civil War, whilst encouraging armed thugs to riot against their government and condemning those such as Assad who have put down riots with force. Hopefully the current situation will focus their minds and knock sense into them. You either support the integrity of a sovereign state and the duty of a government to maintain law and order, or you don't. You can't pick and choose. However evil Assad or Gadaffi are, the average Syrian or Libyan wants to go about their daily life peacefully and doesn't really care which bunch of shysters are lording it over them. Just like the poor of our inner cities who are having their lives destroyed by thugs.

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