Thursday, 11 August 2011

Who said dinosaurs were extinct?

The Red Kenosaurus is determined to keep the Jurassic era alive. According to Ken Livingstone, government spending cuts are responsible for the riots. So now we know. While Leroy was stealing a plasma TV and Charlene was trying on the designer trainers she had looted, they were only wanting to sell the stuff so that they could pay their university tuition fees. Yeah, right! For one thing, if you have burned down all the shops in your neighbourhood and all of your friends have piles of goods they have looted themselves, then selling stuff becomes a bit difficult. Whom do you sell to? Stick it all on eBay?

Student loans and tuition fees mean that you borrow money when you need it, and pay it back when you can afford it. I must admit, I can't see anything wrong with that principle. Under the Tories, the threshold for repayment has increased, making it easier for people on low incomes. That is absolutely the right priority, in my opinion.

As for cuts, what happened to working for a living and paying your own way? Don't get me wrong, I have claimed social security benefits a long time ago. When I needed them. Since I started working, I haven't claimed a brass farthing, nor expected any. Too many people in this country have a misplaced sense of entitlement, where they expect to receive handouts at others' expense. If I can't afford something, I do without. Unless you are super-rich or a super-scrounger, that is a choice we all make. If you can't afford a Ferrari, you can buy a BMW. If you can't afford that, you can buy a Ford. If you can't afford a car at all, there are buses.

In my opinion, the cuts haven't gone far enough. I shouldn't be paying tax so that Samantha Cameron can claim child benefit. Someone who sweeps the streets shouldn't be paying tax so that teachers can claim tax credits. Apparently, some London authorities have cut spending on youth clubs by 75%. So fucking what? I would cut it by 100%. I have never been to a youth club in my life and I have never considered thieving, looting, rioting and burning to be the only alternatives, funnily enough.

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