Sunday, 2 January 2011

Chris Jefferies

I hope the man is guilty. Because the police and media between them have destroyed this man's life, apparently without a shred of evidence. I am particularly dismayed by the utterly dishonest gutter journalism which has been used to twist the most mundane of events into 'signs of being a strangler'.

For example, a classic of English literature, the Ballad of Reading Gaol is reduced to a poem about wife-killing in the Daily Mirror.

Not that the Mirror stopped there. Jefferies is apparently 'bizarre' because he once had blue hair (Marge Simpson watch out!) and was described as an odd, lonely young man by people who knew him nearly half a century ago.

The Sun presumably believes that all teachers who follow the National Curriculum by teaching about the Holocaust are obsessed with death, for there is nothing in the article to distinguish Mr Jefferies from thousands of other good teachers.

Even my beloved Daily Mail believes that we need to know Mr Jefferies got his mother to do his washing.

The innuendo which has been published about a man who has been charged with nothing is truly staggering. Society really has not moved very far from the days when we burned witches alive.

Something bad has happened... therefore
Find someone who looks, sounds and behaves a bit oddly*... and
You have a witch. Burn them!

*I used an adverb. I must be a posh weirdo! Burn me!