Sunday, 14 August 2011

Marxist scum play the race card, as usual

All the usual suspects - the BBC, Guardian, Labour Party are lining up to attack David Starkey for alleged racism. As usual, of course, they are entirely wrong. David Starkey is as racist as he is heterosexual - ie, not at all.

Anyone who works with young offenders in any capacity must have observed a growing respect among the young, white criminal class for black 'gangstas'. Gangstas are seen as cool and trendy and the racist, sexist and violent lyrics of black rappers are lapped up by white youths who, tragically, do not see anyone from their own culture who inspires them. Perhaps therein lies the problem. Young white bastards (using the 'b' word in its correct sense) growing up with no male role model at home; either no father, or an unemployed one, or their mother entertaining a series of unemployable louts; the sort who appear on the Jeremy Kyle show trying to identify which out of several unsavoury individuals is the father, see something different, exotic and glamorous in black culture.

Ironically, there is somewhere in there a rejection of the moral degeneracy which infiltrates so much of our society, including unmarried motherhood: the 'bitches' and 'hoes' who receive no respect in the gangsta culture are, in fact, symbolic of the immoral whores who produce bastards to grow up without fathers; without morality; without standards. In a sense, therefore, the youths are right in rejecting what they are rejecting. Unfortunately, it is so hopelessly inarticulate and buried beneath such a steaming pile of emotional baggage in their lives, that these young people are unable to make the next logical step, which would be to seek integration into civilised, middle class society via conventional things such as marriage and work. They can see what they are fighting against, but cannot see how to make their lives better.

Ali G represented real people: white youths who are searching in black culture for the sense of purpose which their own culture has failed to deliver to them.

So David Starkey is right. White youths have 'become' black. Of course it does not represent all black culture any more than the white youths who go astray represent all white culture. The solution is to have more positive white role models for the white youths to follow.